BIM Assignment 2 - Final Report代写

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  • Assignment 2 - Final Report (60%)
    • Requirements
    – Final Report
    – Submit Friday 2 nd October via Blackboard
    – Late submissions 5% per day
    – Maximum 15% similarity on Turnitin
    – Multiple submissions allowed to check, final verison
    – Note: software limits this to one per day
    – Content
    – 25-40 pages depending on project type
    – Lab based, Software development, design, etc
    The scope/content/originality/format of the work will be assessed to
    give the final grade.
    NOTE! – all projects are different – and hence the content format will not apply explicitly to all projects

    The assessor (your supervisor) will take this into account. If you have any specific questions ask your
    supervisor on what they expect.
    Report Content
    Executive Summary :
    ½ a page summarising the aim, methodology and conclusions of the
    • Introduction
    – Describe accurately and clearly the problem being investigated
    The introduction should summarize relevant research to provide
    context, and explain other authors' findings.
    It should describe the hypothesis(es) put forward in the project
    and explain how this research is original and how it will build on
    previous knowledge in the area
    • Methodology
    – Describe accurately and clearly the experimental design and
    methodology employed.
    Explain how the data was collected
    Why the design suitable for answering the question posed
    Provide sufficient information for other researchers to replicate the
    Why the methodology is appropriate for answering the question
    The type of data recorded and the relevance of the data
    • Results
    – Provide the results in an appropriate format,
    This will be project specific and may involve:
    A web page
    A Software program
    The complete set of experimental data can be provide in an
    appendix, as a CD, USB etc if this is a large quantity
    Check with supervisor
    • Discussion
    – Explain the finding of the research.
    The discussion should be clearly laid out and in a logical
    You should discuss the results of your research and explain the
    reasons for the results observed.
    You should then discuss these finding with reference to previous
    research, do they agree with previous research, do they disagree
    and if so why, what does your research add to previous research
    • Conclusions
    The conclusions of the research should be summarized in 1-2 pages at
    • References
    All references in appropriate format