MKTG203 assignment 代写

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  • Details of Assessment
    Investigative essay 40%
    Students are required to complete an individual essay during the course.
    The essay topic is as follows:
    “While marketers do their best to imbue brands with positive, motivating values and associations,
    marketers do not decide a brand's ultimate meaning. Consumers do – and sometimes they find
    relevance, purpose and significance that the brand's creators may not have seen or intended.
    DISCUSS”. – Dorothy Fitch, global analyst, Millward Brown
    Unit guide MKTG203 Consumer Behaviour
    This is an essay based on scholarly journal article research, theory and critical evaluation/synthesis (not
    mere description). You must support your answer with a minimum of 6 journal articles (can be peer
    reviewed or otherwise but must be from sources classified as Journals). The essays upper word limit is
    2,500 words. There is no minimum word limit. The upper word limit is strict. NB. The word limit does not
    include; title page/cover page, sub-headings, reference list (it does include in-text citations), appendix.
    • A minimum of 6 journal articles. Penalty of 20/100 marks applied if this criteria is not met.
    • Full Harvard author-date referencing is required (in-text citations, and reference list).
    • Exceeding the word limit will lead to a deduction of 10/100 marks.
    • No extensions will be granted. Students who have not submitted the task prior to the
    deadline will be awarded a mark of 0 for the task, except for cases in which an application for
    special consideration is made and approved.
    Your report must be submitted online VIA iLearn for MKTG203:
    Submit softcopy to the plagiarism detection system ‘Turnitin’ VIA iLearn before the deadline on
    Monday at the start of week 12 by 11:59pm
    Please make sure that you are submitting to the correct dropbox.
    Please note the following:
    • Your soft copy must include a title Page with full official student name (last name in CAPITALS),
    student ID number, tutors name, tutorial day, tutorial time and tutorial room number. It must
    also include your reference list. Please name your file as follows: Surname_Tutor_Final
    • Essay should be formatted as follows; size 12 times new roman font, 1.5 line spacing, regular
    margins, headings in capitals and bold, sub-headings in upper and lower case and bold italics.
    • Essays will be marked electronically via GradeMark on Turnitin using iLearn, annotated with
    comments from the marker and your grades will be available for viewing on the Grades link via
    iLearn approximately 2-3 weeks after submission. An announcement will be made on iLearn
    when assignments have been marked.