Diploma Legal and Ethical SAG S2T2 2015 V1 代写

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  • ASSESSMENT TASK 2: Question/Answer
    1.       Describe processes available in the workplace that allow clients to express their concerns.
    There was processes available in the workplace that allow the clients to express their opinions and concerns. The work can do assessment for the clients, and the clients to have the opportunity to say their concerns. The organization set up the policy and procedures to maintain that.
    Before the worker introduce the service for the clients, the worker need to explain the clients’ rights and let them know they have the rights to express their concerns, to have the rights to choose or refuse our services.
    During the service process, the clients also have the right to say their concerns.
    The worker put the concerns together to meet the clients’ needs or refer them to other organization.
    2.       Describe how you will manage a client’s complaint about the service.
    The worker needs to manage the client’s complaint about the services sometimes.
    Firstly, I need to let the clients know their right, including the complaint.  I will explain to them how to make complaint if they may not happy with our services.
    Secondly, I will lead the clients to the front of office, and find the right person who the clients can talk with.
    Last, I will make sure the clients know what will happen when they complaint next.
    I will follow up if the clients needed.
    3.       Describe the process for referring to an advocacy service and how you will follow-up this referral.
    If the clients want to do advocacy, I will refer them to the advocacy officer.
    Before that I will explain to the clients what is advocacy and how long normally to be taken, and the clients is the key person to lead it. However the clients can get supports from us if needed.
    After the clients permission I will refer them to the advocacy officer and give a necessary background for the officer.
    I will follow up through the whole process if the clients needed. However I need to let the clients know clearly that role I have.
    4.       What action will you take to address observed signs of abuse or neglect of clients?
    I will report it immediately to my supervisor. I will note the date, time, venue and what was happened. I will try to find the witness.

    1. Discuss how the role and responsibility of a legal guardian differs from an advocate.
    At an advocacy action, we need to aware of the legal guardian differs. The legal guardian differs can do advocacy on behalf of the clients. However if there was conflict between the clients and legal guardian differs. We need to see the clients’ rights first.
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