Communication 代写作业科目 Assignment

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  • Self-awareness
    Mentoring and coaching
    Managing time and stress
    Solving problems analytically and creatively
    Motivating others
    Building and empowering teams
    Conflict and negotiation
    Managing change
    Communication  Assignment
     Communication 代写作业科目 Assignment
    Assessment 1: Skill Discovery – 20% (Due Week 4)
    Write a 1000 word individual paper relating to your past experiences of a management skill of your
    choice. In your paper:
    Communication  Assignment
    1. Identify the most commonly cited skills and competencies associated with successful managing
    and leading in organisations.
    2. Nominate one management skill (see further the different skills in the textbooks), or one aspect
    of a relevant management skill, to develop further over the semester.
    3. Justify your selection of this management skill based on relevant past experiences (especially
    any ‘critical incidents’), completed self-assessment exercises (see further below), future career
    ambitions, and/or relevant theory.
    4. Pinpoint any ‘guidelines’ (principles and/or methods) which have influenced your past approach
    to this management skill (that is, explicit or implicit theories informing your practice).
    5. State up to three issues, questions or problems relating to the development and/or application of
    your chosen management skill that you would like to investigate further in the next assessment.
    Note: stating these issues, questions or problems early on will help you be more focussed in the
    next research task. You can modify these in the second assessment if you need to.
    In the appendices to your paper, please include:
    1. Your summary scores for your Personal and Associate’s Assessment of your Management Skills.
    You should include the scores of at least three ‘Associates’, or people who know you well or who
    have observed your management Skills. A copy of the summary scores is found in Carlopio and
    Andrewartha (2012, p. 43). A copy of your personal assessment questions are on pages 5-7, while
    a copy of your associates questions are on pages 44-47. You will need to use photocopies of these
    2. Any additional personality, skill, strength or management-style self-assessment feedback (e.g.
    Myers Briggs and DISC personality tests, Strengthsfinder2.0, Standout etc.)
    3. Any relevant feedback from other sources (for example, suggestions for skill assessment
    gathered from colleagues during informal or formal meetings)
    4. Any other information you believe is necessary to justify your skill selection
    5. A complete Turnitin originality report
    Assessment criteria:
    · Persuasiveness of skills identified with successful managing and leading (10%)
    · Justification for personal selection of chosen management skill (35%)
    · Articulation of relevant guidelines (principles, methods and/or theories) informing past
    practice (20%)
    · Identification of issues, questions or problems for further investigation (15%)
    · Quality of written communication (10%)
    · Quality of referencing based on Harvard style referencing and Turnitin originality report
    · Evidence of thoughtful self-assessment using ReView (5%)