business assignment 代写题目 To what extent is Wikipedia

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  • business assignment 代写 750word 代写
    SS1 (Foundation Level - 2 Term)
    Essay (60%)
    (Spring 2013)
    This assessment is an essay writing task. The following gives you more information about the task.

    To what extent is Wikipedia beneficial for students’ research?
    In your essay, you should refer to a number of sources and can also include the sources provided by your class tutor.
    You must write in paragraphs and make sure you provide in-text citations for all the sources you refer to in your essay and a list of references at the end of your essay.
    The essay should be 750 words.
    What you will be assessed on:
    ·         The relevance of your ideas to the essay task
    ·         The structure of your essay (how well you planned your essay and how well you link your ideas within and between paragraphs)
    ·         How well you support your ideas using sources and how accurate your in-text referencing and final references are
    ·         How appropriate and accurate your use of English language is, especially register and style.


    Submission checklist:
    1.      Use a standard academic font, size 12 and use 1.5 spacing between lines.
    2.      Each page of your assignment should have a header with your student ID number, module code (e.g. PM504) and the name of your class tutor.  Do not write your name.
    3.      All pages should be numbered.
    4.      Staple all pages together. 
    5.      Include a title page consisting of the following information:
    ·        Module Code (e.g PM5042T)
    ·        Class/Group: (e.g Group A, Class 1)
    ·        Module Title (e.g Research Project)
    ·        Assessment Title (e.g. literature review, Project Report etc)
    ·        Assignment Title: (e.g Add in your Research Title)
    ·        Tutor Name: (name of tutor)
    ·        Student ID Number: (please add your ID number only and NOT your name)
    ·        Date of Submission: (date)
     business assignment 代写
    You may be penalised according to the GIC Assessment Rules if:
    ·         You write an essay that is above or below the stated word limit by more than 20%
    The mark awarded for this assessment shall be capped at 50% if the submission exceeds or falls short of the required word length by more than twenty percent but less than fifty percent. If the word length is exceeded or missed by more than fifty percent, it shall be capped at 40%. To calculate specific word length, all text in reference lists and appendices should be excluded. You MUST include a word count at the end of your assignment.
    ·         You hand in your assignment later than the stated deadline. You must submit work for assessment by the stated deadline.  If you do not, the following penalties for written work will apply:
    (Unless there are valid reasons for the lateness (e.g. illness) and this is supported with an EEC form and evidence)
    Number of Working Days Late Penalty Awarded
    1 85% of original mark
    2 80% of original mark
    3 75% of original mark
    More than 3 Zero mark awarded
    ·         Any part of your work is found to have been directly copied from a source (e.g. a book, another student’s essay, an internet website) without the appropriate referencing convention
    Please be reminded that this must be written by you. If the level and sophistication of your language is considerably higher than other pieces of written work you have produced, it will be assumed that you were given unfair assistance and you will either be penalised for plagiarism or receive no credit for clarity of expression.
    Please note that the following examples of collusion are considered as academic misconduct and, in the absence of hard evidence, you may be asked to attend a meeting to discuss your understanding of the work. If you do not attend such a meeting, tutors may use academic judgement to determine whether or not an offence has taken place.


    Examples include a situation where a student:
    1. intentionally submits as entirely his or her own work, an essay or report written by another person.
    2. permits another candidate to copy all or part of their own work, knowing it is to be submitted as that other candidate's own work;
    3. allows another person to re-write large sections of the students’ work.
    Submission Deadline and procedure: Submit TWO copies of your assignment to Student Services with one completed front cover sheet by Thursday, March 21st at 4.00pm
    • You will also need to submit an electronic version of your assignment to Turnitin on the same day.
    • Students must submit to Turnitin no more than 1 working day after the hand-in deadline.
    • The online submission MUST be identical to the paper submission or there will be a 25% deduction from the final assignment score.
    • Students are required to report any technical difficulties to the class tutor and to send an e-copy direct to the class tutor if necessary.
    ·         Failure to submit through Turnitin may result in a deduction of 25% from the final assignment score.