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    Due Date:Monday18th January, 2016 (Note: thestudyof Topics 3 to 6 will havebeencompletedby Friday 8th January, 2016).
    Word length of finalassessmenttask: 800 words.


    Most ofyour priorstudies in accountinghavebeen concerned with the‘nuts and bolts’ ofaccountingprocedures. For example,MAA262Management Accountingexamined how toapplybudgeting and costingprinciples.Similarly,MAA363Corporate Accountingexamined, forexample,procedures fortaxeffectaccounting and consolidationaccounting.Incontrast,MAA310Accounting and Societyaims to extendyour understandingof accountingbeyondonlythe proceduresthemselves.It does this byexaminingthe practical,conceptualandtheoreticalunderpinningsandimplications of theroleofaccountingwithin society,andtakes a broaderand more criticalview oftherole of accounting within society.


    Please examine the following 4 topics in MAA310:
    Topic 3 – Accounting Regulation
    Topic 4 – Conceptual Framework
    Topic 5 – Conceptual Framework and AASB13
    Topic 6 and 7 – Positive Accounting Theory


    This MAA310 Portfolioassessment task requiresyou to reflect weeklyon the above topics studied.Inparticular,youareto reflect on themanner in which thestudyof thatindividual area hasmadeyouawareofanimportant aspect of therole of accountingwithinsocietyofwhichyouwerepreviouslyunaware, and/or anaspect of accountingand its rolethatyouconsider to beparticularlyimportant.
    UsingthePortfolioReflectioncomponent,recordYOURthoughts, opinions anddiscoveries.Forexample,youmightreflect on anaspect of accountingthatyouhad never previouslyconsidered to be of suchimportance,including, for example, in terms ofthe accountingprofession,accounting regulation andaccountinginformation generally.Or it maybesomeaspect of internationaleffectsthatyou consider to besignificant, oranareaor areas thatemphasise thenecessityfor theresponsibleexercise ofthe accountant’s professionaljudgment. Of course, these areonlyaverysmall sampleof areas in whichreflectionscouldbe made.
    Reflectionscanbe recorded in written, audio or video format. You will usethesereflectionsto helpyou writeyourfinal 800 word submission.These reflections arenot to besubmittedwith the finalpiece of work. You will usethem as a reminder ofyourthoughts, opinions,

    concernsand discoveries.You maywant to include snippets ofyourreflections inyourfinalsubmission as supportingevidence ofwhatyou have written inyourfinal submission.
    Instructions on how to use the Portfoliotool andthe Reflectioncomponentareavailable onthe CloudDeakin Unit site. Remember that ALL assignments will be submitted to ‘Turnitin’ to detect for any similarity index with any prior student submission.


    Inyourfinal (800word) submissionfor this assessment task,you arerequired to prepare awrittendocument,basedonyourweeklyreflections,thatsummarisesyourreflections foreach of the 4 topics (approximately 200 words per topic). In addition to outliningthe importantaspectthatyouhave identifiedforeach of thefour topics,you arerequired to justifywhyyoufeelthataspecthas particularsignificance. Usesnippets fromyourreflectionsaspart ofyourjustifications.You mayalsoliketo includesupport foryourjustificationfromanyadditionalreadingor articlesthatyouhave accessed duringthetrimester.
    APortfolio template hasbeencreatedforyou to recordyourfinalwrittenpiece.Oncecompleted, usethe assessmentdropboxto shareyourPortfolio.Instructionson how to useand submityourPortfolioareavailable on the CloudDeakin Unit Site.
    A dedicatedDiscussionForum is also available on theCloudDeakin Unit Site,whereyou canaskquestionsabout the requirements forthis assessment item, discussyourreflections withyourpeers or find out how to usethePortfolio tool.
    Some tips:
    ·        It is expected that you will use ‘I’ and refer to yourself in the 1st person
    ·        It would be recommended to draw some links between the 4 topics – how are they interrelated in your opinion? What were you surprised to have learnt?
    ·        Drawing on a recent newspaper article obtained from the media may assist with your reflection, linking it to the reality of the accounting profession and/ or the business domain 
    ·        Your language and discussion can be informal as this is not a traditional business document – it is a collection of YOUR personal thoughts
    ·        This is an opportunity for you to entirely express YOUR opinions – no references required!
    RememberthatthePortfolioisalsoYOURtool.Youareabletostoreyourassessmentwork,reflections,achievementsandartefactsin YOURPortfolio.BuildingyourPortfoliowillprovideyouwithavaluabletoolto helpyouprepareforinterviewsandevidenceyour skillsandknowledge to potentialemployers. Onceyou havecompletedthisassessmentpiece,addittoyourpersonalPortfoliotouseandshowcaseyourlearninglater,when applyingforjobs, orfurther studies.