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  • Analysis of Cultural Identity in Company Management
    1.0  Introduction
    With the rapid development of international business, cultural identity as an important factor in intercultural business communication has been stirred up more and more attention from public. Science and technology enable people around the world to meet and do business with each other, therefore, culture, as the hidden control force, begins gives play to its special role. The emphasis on individual in modern society let the individual cultural concept apparent, that is individual cultural identity. Generally speaking, cultural identity refers to the influence of one culture, including way of life, believes, values, habits and so on. Cultural identity has many attributes which will be considered by managers during company management. (Daphne A. Jameson. 2007) This easy will pay attention to two attributes of culture identity: the influence of close relationship and the role of communication, and then will discuss how Quntas Company takes the two attributes under control in the course of company operation.
    2.0  Cultural Identity in Company Management
    Companies should pay special attention to the influence of close relationship on cultural identity for it is apparent. Individual’s cultural identity is affected by the environment one lives in, while, in this environment, close relationship which is made up by one’s family and close friends is a significant factor. For instance, if one’s friends have different races, they will come into contact with each others’ value, way of life and so on. There will be one possibility that at first they do not get used with others’ one or two habits or other things, but gradually, they will understand the cultural connotation of each others’ life and accept it. In this case, individual’s cultural identity has been influenced by friends one has. This process is not intentionally but can exert an influence on individuals. This kind of situation exists especially in families which are comprised of members from different races. As for company, people with mixed family can be enabled with better ability to deal with intercultural situations. Undoubtedly, this kind of talent is needed by company doing transnational business. In addition, in modern society, stuffs in one company are from different nations with different cultural identities. (Tan, S.-h. 2005) It may cause various conflicts which will affect the development of company. However, cultural identity can be influenced by close relationship; therefore, human resource department can arrange stuffs with mutual complementation cultural identity in one department. It will reduce conflicts and promote the development of every employee. Ultimately, the operation of the whole company will go smooth.
    Cultural identity is not always the same. The factors which influence the change of cultural identity are various, such as communication. Communication can influence the change of cultural identity, but only sometime, so it only can be understood as through communication cultural identity might be negotiated. One of the reasons of this phenomenon is that individuals are usually not aware of their cultural identity, especially under the same cultural environment. Even in different cultural environment, individuals pay attention to their cultural identity, but they do not have to discuss all about their cultural identity. However, the more people talk about their cultural identity with others, the more their cultural identity will change. That is to say, although one time of communication can make little contribution to the change of cultural identity, through accumulation, it will make a big difference. In one company, it has no use if stuffs with mutual complementation cultural identity in one department communicate little or have no communication. In order to promote the development of the company, managers should yield the greatest role of communication. Through frequent communication, stuffs in one department can have a full understanding of each other’s cultural identity. It will promote the successful cooperation between stuffs and solve possible problems timely. It is also applicative among departments. Through the cooperation of inter-group and among-groups, companies which even every employee with different cultural identities will achieve success.
    Quntas Company is established in 1920 in Queensland, Australia. It is an airplane company with the longest history in Australia, also one of the most time-honored companies in aviation industry around the world. Headquarter of Quntas locates in Sydney. The history of Quntas is not only recorded the development of airplane but also recorded the endeavor history of human being. Therefore, the policies of company always pay attention to individuals. At the process of employment, the factor of cultural identity is considered. Interviewers pay special attention to the cultural identity of individuals to regard whether interviewees are appropriate and are able to blend into the whole company. During arrangement, cultural identity is an important factor that be considered. In order to take full advantage of cultural identity, Quntas Company organizes or participates in community activities. Through this way, employees will have a different understanding of their “familiar” partners and establish a more close relationship with each other. Then make full use of the close relationship to make cultural identity become a positive factor for future development. Also group communication is a required course in Quntas. Quntas Company believes that only through communication that can make a group perfect. This also uses one of the attributes of cultural identity. During communication, first every member of the group can have a general comprehending about each other, and then gradually every member’s value and opinion are influenced by others, therefore, negotiating their cultural identity. 
    3.0  Conclusion
    Through analysis, it can be easily conclude that cultural identity is playing more and more significant role in company’s management. Particularly, in nowadays, the stuff component of one company becomes more and more complicated. (Evangelista, M. 2003) However, cultural identity is not unalterable. Companies should take advantage of the attributes of cultural identity to turn disadvantages into advantages. Quntas, as a representative company with long history in Australia, has taken effective measures to make full use of cultural identity during management. Facing furious competition, other company should follow in Quntas’s footstep to find the most suitable way which is applicative for their own situations for further development.
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