project management assignment 代写

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  • The Discussion Essay

     project management assignment 代写
    Model and main features of a discussion essay
    Error analyses of discussion essays
    Split reading
    Structure words

    project management assignment 代写
    Writing task
    This study guide revises the features and language of a discussion essay and also familiarises you with its structure. You will also practise your analytical reading skills and at the end of the study guide there is a writing assignment.
    The Discussion Essay
    What is it?
    Essay questions have key words that tell you what is expected of you, for example, compare and contrast,causes and effects and discuss.  The question word discuss, often (but not always) tells you that you have to argue something, but it wants more than just your opinion.  It wants you to present a range of positions on an issue, and when you conclude you have to support one side over the others, giving reasons for choice.  Other key question words used when a discussion essay is expected are; to what extent, analyse, evaluate, do you think and outline.
    Task A.
    On the next page is a simple discussion essay. In pairs, analyse its features and take notes below.
    ·         What is the function of a discussion essay?
    ·         Structure(How does this essay differ to other essays? How are the introduction and conclusion organised? What elements do they have that are common to other types of essays you have studied?).
    ·         Language features(In the text, use a highlighter to show which tense is most commonly used, underline any transition words or linkers used, and circle any words or phrases you could use (copy) in your own essay.