Group Marking Report 代写

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  • 26100 Group Report – Rough Structure
    1. Introduction: Write a background for your project report.
    2. Business Concept2.1‘Business Concept’: A brief paragraph stating: what does your business do? How does your concept address a need identified in the wicked problem?
     2.2‘Credo/Vision Statement’: Write the credo/vision of your wicked concept. This should be a one-two sentence statement of the business vision.
     2.3‘Organisational Stakeholders’: Identify and rank the key stakeholders for the business. Write how the organisation directly affects and is affected by the following stakeholders:
     Regulatory Authorities
     Choose one other....

    3. Value Proposition3.1 ‘Customer Identification’: Who is your customer?
     3.2 ‘Customer Need’: How does your consumer/client benefit from your idea? What makes it unique?
     3.3‘Positioning’: Create the positioning for your wicked idea (links to your concept analysis). How do you intend to compete with existing companies/products?
    4. Delivering Value
    4.1  ‘Business Buzz’: How could you create ‘buzz’ around your product?
    4.2 ‘Business Value’
     4.2.1 Identify the value chain or network of your business
      4.2.2 Name the three business functions/activities that you consider to be the most crucial in delivering value to your customers.
     5. Situate
    5.1 ‘Organisational Form’: State the legal form/structure your business will adopt and write a paragraph justifying why this is the best form for the business concept
    5.2 ‘Cost/Benefit Analysis’: State the costs and benefits of the value chain you have identified in part 4.2.1. Please note that you will have to identify activities or processes at the different stages of the value chain and their relevant costs and benefits.
    6. Report/Communicate Value
    6.1 ‘Balanced Scorecard Analysis’: Identify four indicators for your business using the Balanced Scorecard. Please note that the four dimensions of the Balanced Scorecard are: the financial dimension, the customer relationship dimension, the business process dimension and the learning and innovation dimension.
    7. Recommendations: briefly write the main features of your idea that address the wicked problem.