Marketing 考试题目代写

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  • 115.104 Principles of Marketing Final Exam
    2014 Semester 2
    Two hour exam
    Part A will be three written questions
    Three of the following five questions will be in the exam
    You should attempt all three questions in the exam
    Each question will be worth 20 marks
    You should allocate about 20 minutes per question in Part A
    Part B will be 40 multichoice questions from across the 12 chapters
    Explain how business-to-business demand differs from consumer demand. Illustrate using
    examples. Explain the different roles at play in the buying centre. Illustrate using an
    example. You can use an example of your choice OR use the example of a long distance
    hauling company purchasing a computerised dispatch system.
    Describe the Product Life Cycle. Discuss how the marketing mix options for various
    brands of electric cars are likely to change, as the product moves from the Introduction
    stage towards the Maturity stage of the Product Life Cycle.
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of three different pricing strategies that
    marketers could adopt. For each of the pricing strategies discussed above, is there a need
    to consider channel discounts when working out the price? Discuss the different channel
    discounts and why marketers might offer each.
    HealthyToys has developed a range of high quality children’s toys which, the company
    claims, are made of natural, non-toxic materials. They have hired you to design an
    Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan to introduce this new range of toys to
    the New Zealand children’s toy market. Name and describe one potential target market
    using at least two segmentation variables (geographic, demographic, psychographic,
    behavioural). Explain how you would utilise the IMC mix to introduce this range of toys to
    this target audience. Briefly discuss one ethical issue you would have to consider when
    promoting children’s toys.
    Describe the special characteristics of services, using the example of movie theatres (e.g.
    Hoyts, Event Cinemas, Reading, etc). Explain how each of these characteristics of
    services creates challenges for the marketing of movie theatres. Discuss marketing
    strategies that marketers could use to overcome these challenges.