Cloud computing for ITassignment代写

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  • Cloud computing for ITassignment代写

    1.      Thesis

    Cloud computing have been suffering questioned from the industry people. There are many problems do the Cloud computing have to face. This technology has been widely recognized and there is still a long way to go, which does not stop its forward momentum. As the Cloud technology matures, it will bring profound changes for all walks of life include bank.

    2.      Glossary

    Cloud: in the server can also be quickly in a very short period of time the use of cloning technology to ITassignment代写 data from a server to another server, and start a new server to provide services.
    Cloud computing: sent the external application into the computer and determine information and content safety,
    Cloud Computing (CC): the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server.

    3.      Main Ideas

    Advantages of cloud computing
    Cloud computing have made some contribution in the integration of IT resources in the application。In order to provide an excellent solution to save operating costs and increase operational capacity, Commercial users, small and medium banks have built shared data center. Moreover, As a new computing model, Cloud computing has developed into an inevitable trend of commercialization.
    The high degree of sharing of information and data safely reliable are the priority problem in the core of banking service system and online banking construction, and its constantly improve the banking system has put forward higher requirements. Cloud computing technology launched will be a large selection on the date security, speed up information sharing, improve service quality, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.
    1 Cloud computing and data mining technology combined
    Along with the financial system continuous deepening,business applications ranging from single projects to comprehensive business services, business model from distributed processing to the step-by-step business centralized management, resulting in a large number of business data. Cloud computing and data mining technology combined is a major competitive advantage to the bank on extracting valuable information from massive data quickly and detecting bank's business services. Cloud computing provide a platform and higher computation and storage capacity for IT, who can be quickly processed a lot of business data in a short time on the bank.
    2 Enhanced the reliability and storage capacity of the banking data
    Large number of servers in the cloud also provides a powerful storage capacity. A large number of different types of storage devices in the network by the application software collection up to work together to meet the needs of the banking business is growing to the enormous data storage.
    3 Improve the security of bank data transfer
    The cloud providers have expert staff can provide a variety of intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services. Banking services outsourcing to the cloud computing providers to the banking network by the provider of centralized layout, you can avoid the hidden dangers of bank disclosure.
    4 Reduce the total cost of ownership
    With the continuous development of the bank, the business gradually expanded from one region to another region growing number of branches, resulting in rising bank total cost of ownership. Banks to adopt cloud computing technology, you no longer need to buy expensive equipment and spent the other funds, and completely transferred to the cloud computing side of the supplier, in order to improve the efficiency of resource use.
    Disadvantages of cloud computing
    1 Account Control rights may fall into Microsoft's hands;
    2, open-source resources increased competition;
    3, the transfer to the volume of business;
    4, the preliminary profit and revenue decline;
    5, the accelerated globalization and market competition;
    6, growth in self-hosting and integration costs;
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    Source Benefits of CC Challenges & /Risks of CC Challenges & Risk Management Useful quotes & page no.
    [1] Small Banks Trying Cloud Computing Find Benefits Sustainable competitive advantage;
    Safe and
    stable running; Maximum cost-cutting.
    With increasing innovation and expansion of the business, the level of financial services and capacity requirements, resulting in a number of information systems will be more and more increasing complexity, management and integration has become increasingly difficult.   Cloud computing .
    [2]Cloud Control Cloud computing, grid computing, distributed computing, parallel computing, utility computing, network storage, virtualization, load balancing, and other traditional computer and network technology development and integration product.It aims through the network to more than one of the relatively low cost of computing entities integrated into a perfect system with powerful computing capabilities through SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (platform as a service), IaaS (infrastructure services) and other advancedthe service mode these powerful computing power distribution to the end-user in the hands.
      Cloud computing allows users to obtain the required hardware and software platform resources through the network, a flexible and extensible manner.Network resources is called "cloud".
    Strategies for Catching the Long Tail(P.301)
    [3] Public clouds take flight Cloud computing is dynamically through the network to provide IT capacity from third parties, including hardware, software, or services, so that
    Have users no longer need to have the professional skills and the ability to control the technical facilities, and left to "cloud" side completed, the user simply demand to use the service, the number of pay according to use.
    Meet the CBRC about the requirements of information technology risk management guidelines, minimize the risk of information technology, to ensure the safety of a unified IT platform, stable operation. With the full swing and in-depth risk  management, and information technology building itself highlights the risk in the development process, as well as information security, and many other factors, will inevitably result in increasingly difficult to manage exposure to more and more obvious.