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    Extent to which businesses have been approached
    §  It was found that the majority of respondents (74.1%) had never been approached by the Bendigo Easter Festival Committee to support the Bendigo Easter Festival.
    Has your business ever been approached to support the BEF?
    MBA assignment 代写 保证PASS

    Classification of the businesses interviewed
    §  The results of the survey showed that the majority of the businesses interviewed were either retailers (62.1%) or service providers (31.8%).
                      How would you best classify your business?
    MBA assignment 代写 保证PASS
    Location of the respondents in Bendigo
    §         The graph shows that a great majority of the respondents were situated in the Bendigo CBD (41.1%) or in the outskirts of Bendigo (38.5%)

    Size of the businesses interviewed
    §  The results of the research investigation indicate that the respondents were mainly small firms of less than 20 employees (88.6 %).
    §  Medium and large organisations (more than 100 employees) only represent only 11.4% of the sample population