Department of Management& Marketing Bachelor of Business

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  • BSNS 5390:  Managing in Organisations
    Cover Sheet: Assignment Two, Individual part.

    Semester: Semester Two 2014
    Date issued: 26 August 2014
    Due date and time: TURNITIN 10pm Tuesday 04 November 2014.  TURNITIN Class ID 8234127 Enrolment Password BSNS5390S2 (NOTE: No spaces and case sensitive)
    Note bring draft answers of Q 1 2 3 to class in Week 10 Tuesday 07 Oct
    No late assignments will be accepted without an SAC application.
    Delivery: n  Hand in the signed assignment cover sheet if not included in electronic copy submitted to Turnitin (to lecturer via assignment box in Bldg 54)
    n  Send assignment to Turnitin.
    n  Keep an electronic copy of your assignment
    Total marks: 100 marks
    Weighting: 45% of course
    Length: 5000 words maximum (excluding the reference list)
    Instructions: n  Complete this cover sheet, attach it to your assignment and scan as pdf, or add a digital signature to your word document, or submit separately to the lecturer.
    n  Include all the necessary information such as name and page numbers.
    n  The assignment must be your own work.
    n  Collusion, copying or plagiarism may result in disciplinary action
    n  Keep a copy of this assignment.
    Lecturer:  Ken Newlands Class time:  Tuesday 1pm
    Student declaration: I confirm that:
    n  This is an original assessment and is entirely my own work.
    n  Where I have used ideas, tables, diagrams etc of other writers,
    I have acknowledged the source in every case.
    n  This assignment has not previously been submitted as assessed work for any academic course.
    Student ID No: Student’s Name: Student’s signature: / Date

    BSNS 5390   Managing in Organisations
    Assignment Two Individual
    1.    Unless a case study is given, illustrate your assignment with information publically available about an organisation, or your personal experiences. When reference is made to text book case studies refer to the course text Management in New Zealand (2012) by Samson, Catley, Cathro and Daft. Two copies are available on from the Unitec Library (Mt Albert) as course reserves
    2.    Expected quality: Your assignment must be of a high professional standard, typed in 12 point font Arial or similar, 1.5 line spaced, with appropriate citation and referencing using the APA style. Your grade will reflect the quality of the assignment; Lower grades can be expected for poor quality citations, referencing and presentation, incorrect spelling, poor grammar, poor sentence structure or not following instructions. See examples of an A, B, C, grades at end of assignment. Refer to Te Puno Ako (the Learning Centre), or texts such as Writing Guidelines for Business Students by Lisa Emerson for assistance. See also:

    3.    Use NZ or UK spelling and grammar check (Not US version), include page numbers in footer, name or student id in header, and justify to both left and right edges allowing sufficient margins for the marker (2.0 cms on right hand side).
    4.    Note: Support all responses with relevant authority from textbooks and academic journal articles etc., available on-line from the Unitec Library.
    5.    Failure to cite and reference correctly will result in a lower grade for your assignment. Check your assignment 24hrs after you submit early to TURNITIN, for referencing errors. Correct and resubmit to TURNITIN well before the final submission time.
    6.    Plagiarism (passing off someone else’s work as your own) must be strictly avoided; if this is found, the assignment will receive zero marks, and the student may be liable for disciplinary action by the Programme Leader.
    7.    Expressing your own points of view using argument will also improve the quality of your answers and assignment grade. It is suggested that you use a minimum of 4 academic articles per question for this assignment to enhance the quality of your answers, particularly if you are aiming for an A grade. The text book by Samson et al., is a great source for every answer.
    You must sign and attach the completed cover sheet to the front of your completed assignment. You can then scan it into a pdf of your assignment, use a digital signature on a word document, or submit a signed copy to your lecture. Assignment boxes are available in Building 54.