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    Programming Fundamentals (48023) Autumn 2013 Assignment 1
    Programming Fundamentals (48023) - Assignment 1
    There are two parts to assignment1 and both parts have different due dates. Below are the details of
    part A. Scroll down few pages to see the details of part B. Please note that at the end of part B, there
    are important instructions and rules mentioned on pages 9 and 10 which are applicable to both parts.
    Hence scroll down to these pages while attempting both parts.
    In Assignment 1, you will build a simple game where the player’s goal is to collect 3 stones and
    place them in a certain order to unlock a treasure chest and win the treasure.
    Solution requirements
    To receive any marks, your solution must meet the following minimum requirements:
    The tasks must be implemented in the order specified in section “Tasks” below.
    Your solution must use only the features of Java that are taught in this subject before the due
    date. For example, it must not use arrays (or equivalent), inheritance, exceptions, varargs
    (e.g. printf), interfaces, or generics. In Assignment 1 Part A, we want to assess your ability
    to use the very specific features of Java that were taught to you.
    Your program's output must exactly match the output given by PLATE.
    Submission to PLATE
    This assignment is divided into separate tasks described below. You must submit your progress to
    plate regularly while you are working on each task. This will provide us with a record that you have
    been doing your own work. If two students submit the same solution, your submission record may
    be used by the University Student Conduct Committee to determine who did the work and who
    copied. For more details on assignment submission, return and other important rules, scroll down to
    the last few pages.