International Business 代写:肯德基在中国的经验

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  • 肯德基在中国的经验

    International Business 代写:肯德基在中国的经验
    Experience learned by KFC in China
    The current title of economy and business shall not ignore the issues on globalization. KFC, as an international company, manages to achieve the symbol of globalization which expands its range all over the world. It has in particular achieved the huge success in China, compared to the other aspects of internationalization process. 
    The franchise of KFC in China has paved the way for its development, and the strategy of localization has taken effect as well. The popularity of KFC and its innovation of food have become the critical factors in its course. Moreover, KFC has established an example in the social responsibility, which also won for it the support from Chinese government. Fortunato (2011) argued that CSR, corporate social responsibility, involving with the expectations from consumer, constitute the cause on local people’s attitudes towards KFC of China in terms of the impacts of consuming food. KFC has also sent the message that they are cautious about people’s health against obesity and other potential health risks. In conclusion, in the recent decades, KFC is the best fast food chain restaurant in China (Cheng, 2003). 
    I have a better understanding about the franchising, and the role it played as en entry mode. Moreover, I learn the importance of globalisation to international business, is both chance and challenge. On the one hand, it brings people profits and money. On the other side, it challenges people with barriers of environment, culture and policies. And the three factors also have exerted the influences on the international business. One of the most important reflections of globalization is multinational corporations. Through the analysis of one of the multinational corporations, referring KFC, I have known better about the internationalization process. It is beneficial for me to know better about international business.