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  • Assessment 4 Critical evaluation of a business case - case studies
    Length: 2200 words | Weight: 40% | Due: 10 am, Monday, 3 November 2013
    This is a major piece of work for BUSS5000 and will demonstrate an understanding of the entire
    semester's tutorials, lectures, allocated readings and additional research. Students will be required
    to choose a business case from three that are provided. Drawing on the entire semester, you
    will be asked to respond to the questions outlined for the case.
    Using material from BUSS5000 and any additional, relevant research, you are required to choose one
    of the three cases provided. These willl be available via Blackboard in Week 2. The critical evaluation
    will be written throughout the semester as more information becomes available, or at the end of
    semester. Also, you will have completed the online modules 'Critical Thinking in Business' and this
    should be evident in your work.
    Assessment Criteria
    Introduce and summarise the chosen case study
    Critically evaluate the case using materials from BUSS5000 tutorials, lectures and readings
    Provide evidence of additional quality research
    Use an academic writing style
    Case study #1 – Bitcoin and the future of traditional monetary systems
    Bitcoin is a virtual monetary system that works without a central bank, is based on digital tokens
    without intrinsic value, and relies on a system of trust of users recording transactions on a publicly-
    available ledger. Major retailers are now accepting Bitcoin in exchange for physical goods purchased
    online, and its legitimacy as a currency has been recognised by authorities worldwide.
    Evaluate the opportunities and/or threats Bitcoin presents to traditional monetary systems.
    How might the regulation of the Bitcoin market have to change, if the use of Bitcoin becomes more
    Case study #2 – Expansion of China Southern and its impact on the airline industry in the
    China Southern has undergone significant expansion in recent years leading to its dominance as
    Asia’s largest airline in fleet size and number of passengers carried.
    Evaluate how China Southern established its competitive advantage in the industry in the Asia-Pacific
    How has China Southern’s growth impacted other airlines in the region? How might national airlines
    such as Qantas or Singapore Airlines re-focus to remain competitive?
    Case study #3 – Misconduct of Commonwealth Bank financial planners
    Evidence has recently shown that financial planners employed by the Commonwealth Bank misled
    customers in the provision of advice between 2003 and 2012. It is estimated that thousands of clients
    were affected by this misconduct, and the Bank’s response has been deemed inadequate to date.
    Evaluate the Commonwealth Bank’s response to this crisis. How would the response have been