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    This should assist students to audit their LinkedIn asset.
    If for some reason you do not want to alter/audit your current LinkedIn account, then you need to ensure that you include all the PLANNED changed into your power point presentation. It is not an expectation of the unit that you link your WordPress site and your LinkedIn account. It IS an expectation that in your presentation slides and voice over, you detail how your LinkedIn site is integrated with WP and detail how the groups you joined/plan to join and the brands you follow/plan to follow fit with your content strategy. For most students, making changes to LinkedIn will be a straightforward process and this is a great opportunity to spring clean! Contact your tutor should you have any further questions.
    What makes a strong personal brand?

    • Consistent messaging in all formats
    • Clear, unique value proposition
    • Content this is aligned with your dream employer
    • Authentic, and compelling information – visual and text.
    LinkedIn Audit – time to spring clean!
    1. Is your headshot up to date? This helps people to remember you.
    2. Is your summary up to date? An important part of your profile. It’s the first thing people read to find out who you are, what you’re all about, and what you’re up to today. Keep it concise, compelling, and current.
    3. Get recommendations: Ask three people for a high quality recommendation. Perhaps, one will respond. Continue this practice once a month so that you end up with many recommendations.
    4. Update your samples, projects, publications: Rotate your samples work projects to keep your LinkedIn page ‘fresh’. Why – well, often the same person will view your profile many times! Give them fresh content.
    5. Review your background/education/experience: Read and review these. Be your own best critic. Think of ways to strengthen these sections.
    6. Are you using applications to promote your content? Display your WordPress blog.
    7. Have you claimed your public profile URL? Claim your public profile URL so you can promote your profile in your email signature, resume, business card, blog, etc. in an attractive and easy to read format.
    Picture 8
    1. Have you imported your email contacts to connect with contacts you’re missing? Import your email contacts to make sure your email acquaintances are also your LinkedIn connections.
    Picture 9
    1. Have you boycotted the default Invitation to Connect text, and customized your invitations?
    Nobody wants to hear this boring default text three times a day: “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Personalize your invitations to connect to people in a meaningful, human way.
    Picture 10
    1. Have you joined relevant groups?
    Join relevant groups and discussions to connect with major players in your industry by using the search tool to find groups by industry. Join groups, post relevant articles and participate in discussions.
    Picture 11
    1. Have you joined in relevant discussion in the past two weeks?
    Meet people with common interests by participating in discussions related to your personal brand. Make yourself known as someone with thoughtful insights and a helpful attitude.
    1. Have you asked or answered questions on LinkedIn answers in the past two weeks?
    Use LinkedIn Answers to ask intelligent questions and answer others’ questions in your field. Remember to cite facts by linking to their sources.
    Are you on other social media? If so – get spring cleaning!
    Google yourself. Did you find anything? Does it represent how you want to be viewed?
    Untag/delete photos on Facebook and Instagram that do not represent how you want to be viewed. Ask friends to do the same.
    Ensure your ‘sync’ your brand. Ensure your Twitter, Google+, WordPress and LinkedIn ALL have the same names. This makes it easier to be found. Ensure you link these sites together.