UTS代写 Business Guide to Writing Assignments

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    Third edition
    This third edition of the Guide to Writing Assignments owes a great deal to its predecessor edition which was the result of
    collaborations between the Faculty of Business and other groups at UTS including staff of the UTS Libraries, the Faculty of
    Law and the ELSSA Centre. Many staff from within the Faculty of Business have contributed to ongoing development of the
    Third Edition prepared by Carolyn Webb, Consultant in Higher Education Learning and Teaching
    Printed by the UTS Printing Service, Ultimo for the Faculty of Business
    Distributed by the University Co-op Bookshop, UTS Branches at Ultimo and Kuring-gai Campuses
    © Copyright 2010, Faculty of Business, University of Technology Sydney
    Available to download for free from UTS:Business website
    ii | Guide to Writing Assignments – UTS:Business
    We are very pleased to introduce the third edition of the Guide to Writing Assignments in the Faculty of
    Business. Research and written communication skills are required competencies of all students in our Faculty
    and at all levels of study, and the Faculty is committed to encouraging and supporting students’ development
    of communication competence as an integral part of their learning. We are equally committed to ensuring our
    students graduate with a high level of communication competence as part of their attainment of the core
    graduate attributes, equipping them to be work-ready. This Guide is an important element in that
    The Guide is intended to assist students, particularly those in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework
    programs, when preparing their written assignments. This third edition is a substantial revision with a new
    structure, and incorporating many more examples of writing to illustrate the key characteristics of written
    assignments in Business. It is packed with information, ideas and advice, much of it based on feedback from
    users of the previous edition. We hope you will see this Guide as your indispensable companion during your
    The Faculty welcomes suggestions on the Guide. Comments should be addressed to:
    Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning)
    Teaching and Learning Centre
    Faculty of Business
    UTS PO Box 123
    Broadway, NSW 2007.
    We commend the Guide to you and wish you every success in your studies at UTS.
    Professor Roy Green
    Dean of UTS:Business
    Professor Tracy Taylor
    Deputy Dean of UTS:Business
    Associate Professor Chris Bajada
    Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) and Director, Undergraduate Programs