Psychology Assignment 代写 Finding Articles for Psychology

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  • Finding Articles for the Psychology Laboratory Report
    Psychology Assignment 代写 
    There is a great amount of psychology available on the internet. Search
    engines will help you to sift through the information and more academically-
    relevant engines (e.g., Google Scholar) will help you to focus in on scholarly
    material. However, some of the most efficient searching for academically-
    relevant material can be achieved using resources held by the university
    library. We will illustrate some of these by showing you how to find articles
    relevant to your first written assignment in psychology.
    Using the UWA Library
    Psychology Assignment 代写 
    To begin with, let us go to the Psychology guide at the library1. Begin with the
    library homepage (, scroll down to the ‘Information
    Services: Onesearch’ box and put your cursor into the “Onesearch” box.
    You might want to spend some time exploring the library home page and the
    wonderful resources there (e.g., how to find books), but for now let us begin
    trying to find a particular article. The lab report is based on the following
    Orr ES, Sisic M, Ross C, Simmering MG, Arseneault JM, and Orr RR (2009)
    The Influence of Shyness on the Use of Facebook in an Undergraduate
    Sample, Cyberpsychology and Behaviour, 12 (3), 337-340.
    Psychology Assignment 代写 
    The format of the reference shows that the authors, Orr et al, published a
    work in 2009 with the title “The Influence of Shyness on the Use of Facebook
    in an Undergraduate Sample”. The article was published in volume 12 of a
    journal called the “Cyberpsychology and Behaviour” and it can be found on
    pages 337-340 of this journal.
    1 If you are not on a computer on the university campus you may have to enter your username and
    password at some point to verify that you are entitled to access the material.
    Finding Articles for Psychology
    Created by A. Page, A. Sng and M. Abrgess, edited by D. Bayliss and M. Olaithe
    Since we now know we want to find a journal, let’s type the journal title
    straight into the Onesearch box, and press the blue ‘search’ button.
    You should now have a page that looks like the one below. Note that not all
    the references that Onesearch finds will be held by the library, but this time
    we are in luck. You can see this as there is an option for ‘full text online’.
    Select the ‘View Online tab.
    This will produce a range of options from where you can retrieve the article.
    This time select ‘Academic Search Premier’ and click on ‘Full Text online
    from’ to the right of this text.
    Finding Articles for Psychology
    Created by A. Page, A. Sng and M. Abrgess, edited by D. Bayliss and M. Olaithe
    This will open a new tab and take you to the full text article or the abstract
    depending on the database it is saved on. You should now have a page like
    the below.
    Clicking on the PDF icon will allow you to download the article, print it out or
    save a copy. However, don’t be too hasty. Do not fail to appreciate the
    amount of information that has kindly been provided to assist you writing your
    laboratory report. In addition to the article, the provider has given you a link to
    “Find Similar Articles”. These are other articles that have written about
    something similar to the Orr et al paper and so you might want to explore
    these. Similarly, the paper by Orr et al will have a references section and a
    few of these may worth searching for. Reading these will help you to
    contextualise a specific article in the broader psychological context. This cite
    will also present you with the way to format this reference for your references
    Congratulations! Now you have one article, and a set of other related articles
    that you can start reading.