Operations Assignment 代写

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    Does my assignment have a coversheet?  
    Does my assignment have a title?  
    Is my lab report formatted according to APA 6?  
    Have I proof read my work (not just word spelling check)?  

    Operations Assignment 代写 
    Did I define the research problem?  
    Did I outline the method?  
    Did I describe the key findings?  
    Did I discuss the key implications?  
    Is my abstract less than 120 words?  

    Operations Assignment 代写 
    Have I provided relevant background information and defined key terms?  
    Have I reviewed relevant literature?  
    Have I established a rationale for conducting this experiment?  
    Have I stated the aim/s of the experiment? (What we’re interested in finding out?)  
    Have I stated the hypotheses and predictions?  
    How many people participated in the study?  
    What were the demographic characteristics (e.g. age, gender etc.)  
    How participants came to be involved (e.g. volunteers, undergraduate students etc.)  
    Were there any selection criteria?  
    Have I included information about the stimuli?  
    Have I included information about the materials used to conduct the experiment (e.g. standardized tasks, questionnaires, computers, specialist equipment)?  
    Have I included information about what participants did, in the order that they did it?  
    Have I included information about how participants were allocated to groups?  
    Have I included information about the instructions participants were given?  
    Have I included information about the task that participants completed?  
    Have I presented the descriptive statistics (e.g. mean, SD etc.) in EITHER a table OR figure?  
    Have I reported the results AND described them in text?  
    Have I reported group differences?  
    Is my table/figure presented in APA 6 format?  
    Have I restated the aim of the study?  
    Have I summarized the results and indicated whether the results supported the hypotheses?  
    Have I considered the meaning of the findings (e.g. were the results consistent with previous research, do the findings support relevant theories etc.)?  
    Have I considered the implications of the results (e.g. theoretical and practical)?  
    Have I considered limitations of the current study?  
    Have I suggested directions for future research?  
    Reference List
    Have I included a reference list formatted according to APA 6?  
    Have I included all references I cited in text?