AUT assignment 代写 CLSY500 Culture and Society

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  • AUT assignment 代写 CLSY500  Culture and Society


    Culture and Society (15.00)

    Students will be introduced to various disciplinary approaches to the concepts of culture and society. Building on Aotearoa New Zealand as a case study and their own diverse cultural backgrounds, their exploration of these concepts will widen to global comparisons. It will include values and beliefs underpinning key universal issues such as cultural and social change, multiculturalism, and international and indigenous concepts of human rights. Experiential learning activities will enable students to reflect on their own cultural and social identities, how these influence their worldviews and their interactions with others, and provide opportunities for them to increase awareness and appreciation of different cultural and social perspectives.
    AUT assignment 代写 CLSY500  Culture and Society

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    Programme code: AK3708
    Level: 7
    Points: 360
    Duration: 3 years full time / equivalent part time
    Venue: City Campus
    Start date: 27 February 2017 / 17 July 2017

    AUT assignment 代写 CLSY500  Culture and Society