Questionnaire Research Questions 代写

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  • Research Questions
    1.   Is this industry accelerating and promoting Australian economic provides people a better life by so many overseas students paid full fees?
    Since Educations is the fourth largest industry in Australia and every year this industry make a lot of money, it should benefit its own countries’ economics and life for the people live in this country. Consider the full student fees for every subject is not a small amount of money among universities.
    2.   Why are so many overseas students come to Australia to study? Why not USA or other country?
    There are many countries that students can choose which they want to go, like USA, UK and other countries. Though Australia may not be the strongest countries in the world, but this country has very good legal system and securities for whom live in this country. What’s more, the people live in here are multicultural and friendly, culture diversity may lead more students came here to study.
    3.   What are the advantages for study in Australia?
    Every parents and students want a better education background for them, According to Australia government, it has over 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions. Also ranked 8 of 100 top universities in the world (Study in Australia 2015). Pretty obvious why study in Australia.  
    4.   Would students graduate from Australia gets benefits from this country in order to get a better job in the future?
    As students, the most important thing they concern will be their employment in the future. If they cannot get a better job through the certificate that they achieved, this will be a big trouble for them. Australia has top class universities and students graduate form here get success in the world. So yes, education in Australia will make a difference.
    Above are the questions we are going to focus on for this research topic.
    Questionnaire design: 40 respondents
    2-page maximum, double sided
    Chart and simple
    20-25 Questions
    Question put into sentences
    General info:
    Every age group, include every possibility
    Where they live, post code
    Occupation (leave open, let them write, full or part time)
    Nationality (leave open )
    Money sensitive, use salary range
    Questions should be easy and clear
    Second question of questionnaire
    Refer to your research question
    5-8 Questions
    5-8 Questions
    5-8 Q
    5-8 Q
    Scale rating system: Scale 1-5, tell me your opinion, 1=poor,5=excellent.
    Complex question need to provide example.
    Liker scale (statement not question)
    From questionnaire, we will have some positive and negative statement, then go to interview
    Interview Lead Questions
    8-10 Questions,
    -Risks to business
    -Geographic presents