MAA310 – Accounting and Society Reflective Practice 代写

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  • MAA310 – Accounting and Society

    Reflective Practice

    MAA310 – Accounting And Society
    Assessment Task 3 - Portfolio

    Reflect using Critical Thinking Skills
    Written essay
    1000 words
    Focus on Graduate Learning Outcomes – NOT technical skills

    General –
    Objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement

    Deakin Graduate Learning Outcome -
    Evaluating information using critical and analytical thinking and judgement

    Accounting Discipline -
    Exercising judgement to solve accounting problems in straightforward contexts using social, ethical, economic, regulatory and global perspectives

    Am I thinking Critically?

    What is reflective practice?

    The 4r model

    Process of reflecting
    A continual activity – takes time

    -Ask lots of questions
    -Write, write, write
    -Then, write some more
    -Develop a set of questions for yourself

    Resources for Reflective Practice
    This resource is an introduction to Why use Portfolios and what Reflective writing is.

    Describes Reflective writing and provides basic introduction to the process.

    Reflective Practice Introduction video, using the 4R model of reflection

    Reflective Practice as an assessment task – provides advice on how to undertake reflection and prompts or guide questions to students to complete reflection.

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