assignment代写 Marking Exercise Use Only

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  • assignment代写 Marking Exercise Use Only
    1.0 Introduction
    Australia’s Best Pty Ltd is a supermarket that specializes in supplying farm food to its customers,. A recent audit activity towards the number of products on the shelves was conducted, and it was found out that the number of various farm food items on the shelves did not match the record number. The record number refers to the inventories in the stock inventory system,  which was carried out 6 months  ago, as it turned out,  the items number counted on the shelves missed by thirty percent of the audited inventory number six months ago.   The purpose of this report is to  examine the critical causes of this problem and  come up with possible solution to solve the problem.
    2.0 Analysis of Mismatched Record of Items in Supermarket in Country Z
    The failure to match number of items on the shelf of the supermarket of Australia’s Best Pty Ltd  raised questions and alarm to the inventory management and ethnic problems. It is understandable to have small friction between inventory and products on the shelves, yet missing  30 percent is a serious problem that needs to be address immediately to avoid future failure again,. Therefore, it is necessary to look into the problem in details and look for the main cause of this situation.
    assignment代写 Marking Exercise Use Only
           2.1  Problem examination
    Farm food, especially popular farm food ran out quickly in the supermarket. Because of the nature of farm food, the items are easily perishable or rotten if not replaced quickly enough since  food items are usually highly related to groceries, and one characteristic of grocery products is that they tend to have very short expiration time frame, so supermarkets have to get rid of the expiration products in bundles by the  time the supermarket could not sell most of its items ( King et al, 2004) .  There are two potential causes that  the items number counted on the shelves missed by thirty percent of the audited inventory number six months ago.
    Due to the nature of the products, farm food such as milk, bread or cereals that have short product  life span  have to be sold  quickly in the supermarket other wise they will be removed by the manager from the shelf to avoid conflict between  customers and the store (Zriger, 2013).. For example, if in any case a customer did not watch for the products carefully before he or she purchase a box cereal, when he or she gets home and realizes the product he or she just purchased is already expired, or in a worse scenario, that the customer ate the product before realize the product is expired, the customer may suffer health issue because of this situation and may persue justice for the wrong practive that the supermarket allow any expired products to sit on the shelf (Hammett and McMeikan, 1994). This brings the cause of the supermarket situation, the missing number by 30 percent are likely to be a bundle of items on the shelf that have gone expired, and an aisle caught this more quickly than the store manager. In order not to mislead any customer, the aisle manager order stuff to remove all the expired items in an efficient to protect the customers (Kahn & McAlister, 1997) .
    Another cause of the record mismatch situation in the supermarket is the over popularity of certain products. It is common situation in the supermarket that hit products on the shelf run out at high speed so the stuff have to fill the empty shelves quickly. Therefore, it is likely that the counting was conducted before any stuff can fill in the shelf in time. Short of stuff and negligence can be two main reasons for this situation to happen.
         2.2  Critical underlying cause
    After careful examination of the problem, Australia’s Best Pty Ltd, failed to report the discard of a large amount of expired items on the shelves, causing miscount of  existing products, which eventually lead to a mismatch of the audit record six months ago. Considering the nature of  a farm food supermarket, it is likely that one of the shelf was cleared out by other stuff before the supermarket conduct a count of the items on the shelf, and since the discard of expired products was not notifies to the reginal manager and market supervision in time. A mismatch situation was caused by miscommunication (Acur and Bititci, 2004).  As a result , it is crucial to conduct a stuff meeting to further evaluate if this is the root cause of shelf item mismatch, and come up with solution to avoid this kind situation that raised alarm and caused worried to the entire stuff group as a whole. In the case that the problem would meet challenge in the process, it essential for the management team to reorganize the stuff structure and impose better management of inventories and items within the sales area to better manage a supermarket in the nature of selling farm food. (Fernando, 2011)

    assignment代写 Marking Exercise Use Only
    由于产品的性质,农场的食品如牛奶、面包或谷类,有短的产品寿命必须迅速在超市等他们将被从架子上取出避免客户经理和商店之间的冲突(zriger出售,2013)..例如,如果在任何情况下,客户没有看到产品之前仔细他或她买一盒麦片,当他或她到家和实现他或她刚刚购买的产品已经过期,或在更糟糕的情况,那客户吃产品之前,实现产品的过期,客户可能会因为这种情况造成健康问题和可能的追求正义,超市允许任何过期的产品在货架上坐了错误的实践(哈米特和麦克麦肯,1994)。这带来了超市的情况,百分之30的丢失的原因可能是一个包的货架上的物品已经过期,和一个通道比商店经理更迅速地抓住了这一通道。为了不误导客户,过道秩序的东西去掉经理在一个有效的所有过期的东西来保护客户(Kahn & McAlister,1997)。