Resource Economic & Commercial Law 代写

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  • 7923IBA PROJECT – Semester 1, 2013
     Resource Economic & Commercial Law 代写
    Assume that you are a business analyst for an Australian investment bank, Kangaroo Inc.  You are asked by your manager to conduct an analysis for an Australian wine company.  The company seeks advice from your bank as to whether it should follow the strategy of some famous international wine producers and establish a business in either India or mainland China.  What advice will you offer? (The readings in weeks 12 and 13 are useful but you are also expected to undertake further research for this project).
    Resource Economic & Commercial Law 代写

    Your analysis/advice must include and discuss all of the following:-
    1.    The nature of the wine market - including relative sizes, costs and numbers (few or many) of firms, competitors, potential demand etc in India and China. Should the firm sell its wine in only India or China, or should it also aim to export to other countries.
    Resource Economic & Commercial Law 代写
    2.    The country’s business environment, especially economic and political risks – including e.g. rules for FDI, government policies and incentives, location, infrastructure, sources of inputs, intellectual property protection, and economic and social stability.
    3.    The type of FDI to further minimise risks – e.g. consider joint ventures with a local private or state-owned enterprise. Should it establish vineyards or import grapes to convert into wine?
    4.    A set of clear advice for the Australian company, including clear and detailed recommendations linked explicitly to 1, 2 and 3 above.
    (Note:  This is a project on country risk (Week 12).  The readings for week 12 are useful, but you are also expected to undertake significant further research for this project.  You should start work on this project as soon as possible.)
    Your analysis/advice must include all of the following sections and you should discuss most or all of the given factors, for the chosen country.
    Your project should be written in BUSINESS REPORT FORM.  Your report should also include an executive summary, be TYPED and NO LONGER THAN 2,000 words.