48024 Applications Programming java代写

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  • The root class must be named Root and must include a static main method for your code
    to be marked, as shown below.
    public class Root extends JFrame
    public static void main(String[] args)
    new Root(new Groups()); }
    PLATE cannot mark your solution because it cannot run a GUI; it has no eyes or hands.
    You will see no mark when you submit to PLATE, because PLATE does not run your code. I
    run your solution manually by downloading the code from PLATE.
    PLATE will show you a list of files submitted; if you do not see all your java files listed,
    then you have not uploaded them. Check that you can run your system through PLATE by
    clicking on jnlp/jar. If your system does not run when you do this, it will not run when I try to
    mark it. Your system must run correctly on PLATE to be marked.
    I cannot submit to PLATE for you. PLATE uses the login id to set the owner of the
    submission and I cannot log in as you. Please do not ask me to submit your solution to PLATE
    after the due date, because I can’t do it. PLATE does not keep previous versions of your
    5 of 6
    solution, just the latest version submitted. Please do not ask me to mark an earlier version that
    worked better. I mark whatever you submit as the final version.
    Check the format
    I run your code on a standard FEIT system. If you develop code on a system that is not the
    FEIT lab system, such as your laptop, then the GUI may appear differently when run on the
    FEIT system due to the pixel size. Check that your GUI appears correctly by downloading it
    from PLATE onto a FEIT system (using jnlp/jar) and running it there.
    Expected work load
    This assignment has been estimated at a load of 15 hours for the typical student who has
    completed all the tutorial and lab exercises.
    Online support
    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and their answers are posted on UTSOnline in
    Assignments/2/faq. If you have a question, check the FAQ first; it may already be answered
    there. You should read the FAQ at least once before you hand in your solution, but to be safe
    check it every couple of days. Anything posted on the FAQ is considered to be part of the
    assignment specification. The FAQ will be frozen (no new entries) two days before the due date.
    If anything about the specification is unclear or inconsistent, contact me and I will try to
    make it clearer by replying to you directly and posting the common questions and answers to the
    FAQ. This is similar to the job experience, where you ask your client if you are unsure what has
    to be done, but then you write all the code to do the task. Email Robert.Rist@uts.edu.au to ask
    for any clarifications or corrections to the assignment.
    I cannot tell you how to design, write, or debug your code; that is your task. I cannot
    answer questions of the form "Is this right?"; I cannot "pre-mark" your design, or your code.
    There is no discussion board; the assignment tests your individual ability, so it is not appropriate
    to share problems and solutions. The tutorials and labs provided a forum for discussion and an
    opportunity for feedback.
    Submission and return
    There is no scheduled late submission period. An extension of up to one week may be
    given by the subject co-ordinator before the due date; you have to supply documentary evidence
    of your claim. I CANNOT give an extension after the due date.
    You can apply for an extension or for Special Consideration, but not for both. Apply
    for Special Consideration at www.sau.uts.edu.au/assessment/consideration.html. You must
    provide evidence to support your claim, such as a doctor's certificate, a statutory declaration, or a
    letter from your employer. SC is designed for students with health, family, or work problems; "I
    need more time" is not a valid reason for SC, or for an extension.
    A file showing the class marks will be placed on UTSOnline about two weeks after the due
    date; I will send email to notify you. You can also pick up the paper marking scheme from the
    desk in the FEIT Learning Precinct (FLP): Building 11, level 5, room 300. The FLP is open from
    9am to 6pm.
    6 of 6
    Marking scheme
    Correctness (except for MVC) is marked on appearance and behaviour. The weight is
    roughly 30% for appearance, and 70% for behaviour; it varies between tasks.
    appearance: does it look like the snapshots?
    Check the location, size, colour, format, and labels.
    Your solution must appear and work correctly on the standard FEIT system.
    Run it on a standard FEIT system to check that it does appear and work correctly.
    behaviour: does it behave as specified?
    Initial control window
    Initial stock windows
    Initial order window
    Show and clear running total
    Update stock windows
    Correct use of MVC
    Minimum essential requirements
    A correct solution for more than half of the problem.