web ruby+sinatra环境 IT assignment 代写

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  • WAD Ruby + Sinatra Assignment 1
    In this assignment you are required to create a web application resembling a wiki. The wiki is to be
    designed to invite users to edit/update a single web page on a subject of your choice. This could
    include providing your own user news page or creating a discussion and encouraging editing and
    revision of the topic in question. Ideas for wiki are list below.
    The wiki should at least cover the following features:
    1. A single page containing promoting/advertising details of you or an organisation
    2. An account of the number of words and lines displayed in the promotion details
    3. A link to a login page which allows an administrator additional links to perform the following:
    a. make changes to the promotion page
    b. archive the promotion to a separate text file
    c. add/edit/delete additional users who can only update the promotion details
    d. enable the wiki to be reset by the administrator to its initial default details
    4. A link to a sign-in page which allows a user to register to edit the wiki
    5. A log text file which is appended each time the wiki is updated
    6. A stylish layout displaying the wiki application
    7. Extra marks will be given for additional features
    An additional specification document of the wiki is given in the attachment above to illustrate what
    the wiki might look like. Extra marks will also be available for creativity and innovative design.
    Marking criteria
    CGS D: You are required to create a simple wiki web application covering the above features 1-2 and
    a report explaining your development. Note: marks will be lost for providing no report and/or no
    screenshots of your web application.
    CGS C: You are required to create features 3-4. Note: marks will be lost for not providing
    authentication details (login/password).
    CGS B: You are required to create features 5-6. Note: marks will be lost for not providing details
    about the existence and use of additional files (i.e., location of file when created).
    CGS A: You are required to provide additional features. Note: marks will be lost for not provides
    details of additional gems, etc, used.
    Note: CGS A1 will be awarded if the wiki is deemed to be of a standard eligible for publication on the
    Web. For this the system should provide all the requested features, contain no spelling / grammatical
    errors, have a easy to use user interface and contain the appropriate documentation in the report.
    What to submit
    A single .zip file, containing all the files needed to run your application. The zip file must also includes
    a file report.pdf containing details of what you did for tasks 1 to 7 below; it should be a single file and
    • A description of your wiki web application.
    • A description of the functionalities of your application.
    • Screenshots illustrating the functionalities. Screenshots must be included in Appendix of
    • Instructions about how to install and run your application.
    How to submit both parts (a zip file and printed report)
    Your zip file containing the wiki application files and report should be named yourfullname-
    wadca1.zip (NB: replace yourfullname with your full name) and submitted electronically to the
    myAberdeen assignment page by selecting the heading ‘WAD Assignment 1’.
    IMPORTANT: only zip files submitted to MyAberdeen will be marked. Zip files emailed to the tutor
    will not be marked.
    Possible wikis
    • Electronic encyclopedia
    • Brainstorming application
    • Writing application
    • Monitoring/tracking/reporting application
    • Graffiti wall of words