geography assignment代写

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  • Respondents’ time established in Bendigo
     geography assignment代写
    §  The bar chart shows that a wide majority of the interviewed businesses have been established in Bendigo for less than 20 years.
    §  The analysis of descriptive measures indicates that the average time of establishment in Bendigo is approximately 17 years.
    §  From the analysis of the graph, it appears that 12.5% of the respondents have been established for a time between 10 and 11 years (which is the mode of this series of values). 
     geography assignment代写
    Relationship of the respondents with the Bendigo Easter Festival
    §  The graph shows that the majority of the respondents (73.5%) have never contributed to the Bendigo Easter Festival.
    §  Only 15.6% of the sample currently supports the festival.

    Bendigo Businesses Support for the Bendigo Easter Festival
    Future sponsorship of the Bendigo Easter Festival
    §  The survey shows that approximately 42% of respondents would be prepared to sponsor the Bendigo Easter Festival and 58% would not.
    Are you prepared to sponsor/support the BEF in the future?