English assignment代写 英语论文代写

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  • English assignment代写 英语论文代写

    The overall objective is to examine the attitudes of householders to the use of baby food and factors, which influence to householders choose the frozen baby food. This has been broken into follow sub-objectives:
    1.        To identify background of people who interested in buy the baby food.
    2.        To get opinions about a particular new product (frozen baby food).
    3.        To determine potential benefits which buyers most considered.
    We have detailed further areas for each above objectives:
    ·         To identify background of people who interested to buy the frozen baby food:
    This objective would seek to help us know their customers as well as possible, and depended on those provided information that could help marketer to segment target market more clearly.
    ·         To get opinions about a particular new product:
    This objective would seek to collect opinions about the new product from their customers, this part should give indications of product’s improvement in the future period.
    ·         To determine potential benefits which buyers most considered.
    This objective would seek to find potential reasons why the buyers chose this brand of product and also help marketer to find their business strength and weakness of their product (e.g. Frozen baby food).


    English assignment代写 英语论文代写

    In case, the research of collected sources (final questionnaire and SPSS data) will be carried out to refine the objectives and provide lines of enquiry for the next stages. Specifically, the previous research phase as data collection and questionnaire design are used for gathering valuable information, which that has been provided on dataset for frozen baby food group project. This trend data should give a useful indication about the status of the marketplace.
    The provided research are attempt to establish research questions as follow:
    ·         How many households keep baby food in the home
    ·         What kind of baby food usually kept
    ·         When customers might serve the baby food
    ·         How often did customer used
    ·         How much did the product could be charged
    ·         Which sizes are acceptable
    ·         What should be potential target market

    Qualitative Research


    With the exploratory nature of some aspects of the objectives, detailed qualitative information will be provided to you. Focused research will be used to explore and understand the attitudes of potential customers towards the Baby Food. Subsequently, quantitative research will be used to measure how widespread these attitudes are.
    The qualitative phase will probe the following:
    ·         How and where baby food is stored in the home
    ·         The kinds of baby food that are usually kept
    ·         Baby food of which householders are aware
    ·         What kind of baby food is currently used for
    ·         Which groups of people are most likely to make use of this high-quality baby food
    ·         The quantities they are likely to buy
    ·         Whether they would be prepared to pay more for baby food
    ·         Whether the brand name of baby food is confused with others

    Population and sampling

    We propose some groups for the research. They are coming from random family, which have baby. They are Light users or heavy users, mix of males and females in local market.


    Researchers will need to present the product’s information, such as flavours, tastes, nutrition etc., we intend to describe it or give some free samples, make some comparison with competitors’ products.  For example, the frozen baby food products’ size and packaging might become a problem, which could be an important variable when the marketer decided to supply their product to target market. The skilled moderator will ensure that this does not become a distraction; we might use the packaging used in local markets (Australia).