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  • Dissertation格式 Dissertation怎么写 Dissertation高手告诉你

    Introduction, presenting information on the field of study and the question or hypothesis under research. Apart from this, the chapter focuses on the topicality, main objectives, tasks involved in the research。
    Literature review, focusing on the researches into your subject carried out by outstanding scientists, whose ideas serve you as the basis of your own research. In addition, we mention here the most up-to-date researches, as well as enumerate the drawbacks of out-dated ones. The more extended is our list of the literature referred, the more argumentative your own research will be.
    Methodology section, mentioning your research question or hypothesis and suggesting one or more appropriate scientific methods with the help of which you can answer your spot question, or prove/reject the hypothesis you have put forward in Introduction. Of no less importance for your dissertation is to convincingly justify the preferred methods of scientific research, stating both their advantages and limitations.
    Findings, outlining a set of findings which make your original scientific contribution to the investigated subject area.
    Conclusions and Recommendations, briefly summing up the whole research, underlining our novelty, findings, as well as giving suggestions for future research.
    List of references, presenting a list of publications directly relevant to the topic dealt with.
    Set of appendices, practically illustrating the material presented in theoretical chapters, etc.