代写 ATS 2561 Sex & The Media

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  • 代写 ATS 2561 Sex & The Media

    ATS 2561 Sex & The Media
    Third assignment – Research major essay (2250 words) (worth 45% of final mark and grade).
    DUE MONDAY JUNE 6th 2016 11:55pm on Moodle
    The essay questions/project themes will be released in Week 6, following the Class Test. This is
    because some questions build directly on those asked in the Class Test. Students will choose
    ONE from the list of 8 research questions. Students may not develop their own research
    Criteria for Marking:   This task will develop your research and writing skills and your capacity for
    independent learning. In your argument, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of key
    theoretical frameworks in the areas we are studying and show your capacity to express a
    critically informed position. Your argument will be based on sound independent research.
    Presentation, including appropriate citation and good clear expression, will be important in this
    task. Learning objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are being developed and assessed here.
    Please review the Research Paper Rubric on Moodle for further assessment grading details.
    Submission Requirements
    A guide to presentation of written work is included at the back of the unit guide. You are expected
    to use the  APA, Harvard or ASA as outlined in the guide. Please check with the unit convenor if
    you are unsure about essay preparation. Citation is an important aspect of presenting academic
    work. It is sensible to keep good record of your reading and notes from the beginning of
    semester. Failure to cite correctly will result in the loss of marks and could result in plagiarism in
    your work.
    •  1.5 spacing; Neatly formatted/presented
    •  ASA, Harvard or APA are the accepted styles for referencing & citation. Please see
    library links/ FAQs Referencing on Moodle for proper referencing techniques.
    •  Electronic submission through Moodle (hardcopies not accepted). Please see FAQs
    Moodle Submission
    •  2250 Words give or take 10% (Your word count: highlight the first sentence of your
    introduction to the last sentence of your conclusion. That is your word count. Your word
    count includes your in-text references/footnotes; it does not include your bibliography,
    coversheet or appendix). Please see FAQs Essay Writing for academic writing tips.
    Please include properly referenced links in your reference list to your chosen advertising
    campaigns/music videos/images/media articles/examples. If you are planning on using
    images, please place them in a separate document from your paper and upload this to
    moodle. Use an appendix style of referencing (see FAQ Images on Moodle).
    Assessment Task 3: Research Essay/Projects Questions
    Research essay/project: write an essay of 2250 words answering ONE of the questions listed
    There are 8 questions/projects to choose from.
    1) Albury and Crawford (2012) argue of the ‘sexting’ campaign video Meagan’s Story that
    ‘This narrative evokes the “risk management” model of sexual violence prevention
    education critiqued by feminist scholars such as Sharon Marcus (1992) and Louise Hall
    (2004), in which women are defined as inherently at risk of sexual violence. At the same
    time, they are held responsible, as self-governing subjects, for predicting, evading and/or
    managing this risk’ (2012, p. 465).
    a. Critically review the Australian Government CyberSmart campaign film Tagged
    from a feminist perspective ( http://www.cybersmart.gov.au/tagged/).  In your
    response, you should identify the kind of normative beliefs about sex and gender
    produced in the film, and develop a position on why this film may or may not be
    an effective response to the issue of teenage ‘sexting’ practices. If you would like
    you may choose an alternate documentary/campaign film. Please get in touch
    with me (Claire) if you would like to go this route.
    2) Select a recent advertising campaign (it may be located across several media) to critically
    analyse in relation to the socio-cultural construction of gender. Using the critical
    frameworks you have developed this semester, develop a position on how femininity,
    masculinity and/or heterosexuality/GLBTIQ are being constructed in the campaign
    through visual and textual signifiers, and what this means for men and women (and sex
    and gender diverse) as the gendered subjects addressed in the campaign.
    3) Can we say that men are now ‘objectified’ in visual culture in the same way as women?
    Make an argument as to why the social/political consequences of ‘objectifying’ images
    might be different, or that they should be understood as the same, for men and women.
    Your argument should address why and how the social context of ‘postfeminism’ (Gill,
    2007) affects our understandings of images. You might find using magazines, movies,
    television shows or an advertising campaign helpful for this analysis.
    4) “You get these little short shorts … and the type of clothes you'd expect a grown woman
    to wear to a nightclub to attract men they are selling in a size seven.” (Sydney Morning
    Herald, August 15, 2012).
    a. Popular belief about sexualisation maintains that young boys and girls are being
    trained to be sexual in vastly different ways in order to be accepted in our society.
    Do you agree? Develop your position through a discursive analysis of recent
    news reports on children and sex in the media. (What discourses about
    ‘appropriate’ and ‘normative’ and ‘inappropriate/deviant’ childhood and gender
    can you identify in articles like the one quoted from above?)
    5) “So whereas in traditional media, viewers might see representations of women being
    used or exploited, gaming offers players the unique opportunity to use or exploit female
    bodies themselves. This forces gamers to become complicit with developers in making
    sexual objectification a participatory activity” (Anita Sarkeesian, 16/07/2014)
    a. Inher Tropes vs Women Video Games Series (www.feministfrequency.com),
    Anita Sarkeesian argues that unlike claims around traditional forms of media
    where the receptors are often considered passive audiences, gamers are actively
    engaged in the process of sexually objectifying women which may have harmful
    social implications. Do you agree? Develop your response using relevant
    literature to support your claims.
    6) Grainger and Jackson have argued: ‘In a world inundated with media messages […]
    advertisers have been forced to invent new strategies in order to identify their products
    and arrest your attention. Arguably one strategy has been the appropriation and
    exploitation of violence’ (1999; quoted in Gill 2007, p. 80). Drawing on key examples of
    your choosing describe and analyse how violence is implicitly and/or explicitly
    represented in male-female relations in commercial media. In your response consider
    how masculinity and femininity (and their sexuality) are relationally constructed through
    the theme of violence. Use relevant literature to make a case as to what the possible
    implications of this increase in violent imagery might be for both men and women.
    7) There are continuous debates about whether or not women (or men) seek empowerment
    through their self-sexualisation and subjectification, and may or may not have autonomy
    regarding their choices in engaging with beauty and raunch culture. Critically evaluate
    such claims by developing an informed stance as to whether you think women (or men)
    do or do not have such autonomy.
    8) Some have suggested that shopping centres can be seen as ‘women’s spaces.’ What
    characteristics of (raced, classed) femininity/masculinity are being mobilised or
    suggested in the spaces of Chadstone? What place does sex have in the visual
    landscape of Chadstone in relation to these constructions of femininity? Explain your
    position with reference to relevant literature and observations of visual culture in this
    consumer space.
    This question requires a fieldtrip to conduct primary research at Chadstone Shopping
    Centre (www.chadstone.com.au). Make sure to take photos as part of your visit and
    attach them in a separate document for your appendix. To help you with this assessment,
    ensure to review Week 2 and 4 to help you with your textual analysis. When conducting
    your visit, think of these questions:
    •  Examine the exits and entries to the shopping centre: what shops are positioned
    next to entrances and exits? What other sorts of service stores are close to the
    entrance? What sorts of service stores are close to the public amenities (toilets,
    seating, drinking fountains, etc)?
    •  Consider the profile of the ‘ideal’ customer for this shopping centre: Who seems
    to be using the centre? What sorts of activities are people engaged in besides
    shopping? Are there any observations about the sex and/or gender of consumers
    that you can make?
    •  Consider the different sections of the shopping centre: Are there any
    observations you can make about ‘desirable shoppers’ in the different sections?
    •  Consider the different sections of the shopping centre: what kind of consumer
    ‘desires’ are being cultivated in the different sections?
    •  What ideas about sex and gender are being used visually to cultivate
    consumption in the different sections?
    Research Essay/Project Tips
    Some  key  features  of  good  research  essays  (Check  out  FAQs  Essay  Writing;  FAQS  Referencing  & 
    FAQS  Research  for  further  tips): 
    Clarity  in  structure 
    •  It  is  very  important  to  develop  a  plan  before  you  begin  writing  (even  if  this  may  change  as 
    you  write)  and  to  edit  your  work  as  your  essay  develops  so  that  there  is  clarity  and 
    coherence  in  the  overall  structure  of  your  work.  A  clear  structure  will  enable  your  argument 
    to  clearly  ‘shine’  through  and  will  mean  that  your  reader  does  not  have  to  go  searching  for  it 
    amongst  a  jumble  of  points,  information  and  material. 
    •  An  introduction  which  is  well  structured  is  one  that: 
    1)   states  the  question  and  your  argument/response  concisely,  and  briefly  outlines 
    the  key  points  you  will  make  to  support  your  argument/response  to  the  question. 
    2)  defines  your  use  of  any  terms  that  are  key  to  your  argument.  
    •  A  body  which  is  well  structured  is  generally  separated  into  different  sections  for  different 
    points.   Ideally,  each  paragraph  should  make  one  clear  point,  and  each  point  should  build  on 
    the  last  in  order  to  progress  your  argument  (make  your  case  stronger).  
    •  Your  conclusion  should  summarise  your  response  to  the  question  and  summarise  the  points 
    you  have  made  to  establish  a  clear  and  persuasive  argument. 代写 ATS 2561 Sex & The Media
    Clarity  in  writing 
    •  Short,  sharp,  to-­‐the-­‐point  sentences.   If  your  sentence  goes  for  more  than  3  lines,  revise  it 
    for  the  sake  of  clarity  and  for  your  poor  reader! 
    •  Thorough  editing.   This  means  looking  carefully  over  working  material  and  completed  drafts 
    and  revising  your  expression  for  clarity.   Another  important  goal  of  editing  is  to  cut  out  ANY 
    point  or  information  that  does  not  directly  relate  to  your  argument,  or  to  the  QUESTION  you 
    are  answering.   It  may  be  very  interesting,  but  if  it  does  not  serve  your  argument,  it  needs  to 
    •  Clear  explanations  of  key  terms  and  theoretical  concepts.   Do  not  assume  that  your  reader 
    knows  anything!  Always  explain  your  use  of  terms  for  them.   Do  not  use  important  terms, 
    concepts,  or  ideas  (e.g.  ‘gender’,  ‘sexual  difference’,  ‘sexualisation’)  without  first  outlining 
    for  your  readers  precisely  how  you  will  be  using  these  terms  (what  you  mean  by  them).   
    Evidence  of  research  and  connection  between  theoretical  ideas 
    A  strong  essay  will: 
    •  Demonstrate  engagement  with  unit  ideas/application  of  unit  ideas 
    •  Use  readings  from  a  variety  of  weeks  in  the  course/outside  research  AND/OR  thorough 
    engagement  with  a  particular  issue  or  author. 
    •  Make  connections  between  different  theories  and  issues,  and  the  specific  topic/question 
    you  are  addressing;  make  clear  for  readers  the  links  between  various  areas  of 
    •  Demonstrate  through  your  argument,  quotes,  and  reference  list  that  you  have  examined 
    sources  besides  the  set  readings  and  done  some  independent  research. 
    •  Have  thorough  and  consistent  referencing  and  acknowledgment  of  ideas  and  sources. 
    代写 ATS 2561 Sex & The Media