UTS 悉尼科技大学 case study代写

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  • 2.The leaders of SLSA organizationfor this part I think you are missing the big picture of the situation. Nance is only leading because Brett Williamson left because he could not deal with the cultural and safety issue, leaving Nance to clean up the mess that is SLSA.
    SLSA Company wants to improvethe efficiency of organization andbusiness capacities. So CEO Greg Nance offered a view that Surf Life Saving Club should pay more attention on cooperation between the organizations by providing more integrated services to their key shareholders.
     UTS 悉尼科技大学 case study代写 
    Due to the private reason, Brett Williamson left the SLSA and Greg Nance become the new leader. As the current leader, SLSA CEO Greg Nance changes management project about the role of acting SLSA CEO.
    More specific, on the one hand, the change management project is combination the SLSA group with SLSF operations. On the other hand, he viewed that business should keep supporting the main objectives and reach the goal of the company  UTS 悉尼科技大学 case study代写 
    As a leader, Greg Nance emphasized the importance of team works in the internal environment and meanwhile he provided about 43 recommendations on the current marketing environment and administration. He wanted to make sure the organizational structure is effective. These recommendations will change Surf Life Saving structure in Australia slowly.
    To 2013, Greg Nance gave a detailed plan for the Aussiesto build a purpose statement, because he thought the purpose statement wasan important element for SLSA to combine the national movement and the community in a safety circumstance for theAussies.
    Surf Life Saving Australia promotes and helps APAC to develop plans
    According to the strategies of SLSA for recent five years, on the one hand,SLSA wants to maintain their respect and improve the international recognition by a positive relation with other life saving groups in Asia Pacific. The tasks of relationscontain make a positive involvement with the Life Saving Federation in Asia Pacific and make a contribution to improve the water safety of courtiers in Asia Pacific area.
    On the other hand, SLSA seeks tothe ways to reach their core objectives of the group through mostly developing the entertaining surf sports. For the Asia-Pacific region, SLSA will offer the assistance to the other Life Saving Federation groups of developing courtiers and as well as focus on developing organization to take part in the Life Saving Federation events. These plans help develop Life Saving Federation in Asia-Pacific and promote people healthy lifestyles in future (Surf Life Saving club, 2008).