assignment代写:Becoming a successful learner

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  • assignment代写:Becoming a successful learner
    To become a successful learner, one need to be equipped with not only the talents, quickness, and intelligence of the mind, but also with proper quality as a learner, qualities such as self initiative, attention to details, time management skills, and proclivity to learn (Zimmerman, 2002). After through studies and research of theories and practices of how to become a better learner, the author took a learning style questionnaire test to study the learning style of one self and come up with the factors and characteristics of learning style. This article aims at analyzing these personal insights and characteristics, and to reflect on what I have learned about myself as a learner. As a result, the analysis of self learning characters can generate more understanding of one self, thus help me to develop further as a learner.
    assignment代写:Becoming a successful learner
    The Honey & Mumford learning styles questionnaire results that there are 14 statements in the questionnaire are circled, they indicate a very strong preference of acting as an activist. This result shows that I am the kind of person that learns through activities, and by practicing first before thinking about initiating activity. As an enthusiastic person, this characteristic renders me to jump into an activity from the true nature of my heart,. It also shows that I can guarantee a hundred percent devotion when participating in the activity. For example, when a certain sport activity attracts me, like badminton, I usually dive right into the activity, join a badminton class, ask my friends to practice with me as much as I can. In addition, I follow all the importance competition of this sport. However, there are downsides of this kind of enthusiasm, for instance, I engage myself in intense practices and competition, even when I did not feel well. As a result, it led to illness and injuries. The downside shows that I was acting recklessly without considering the possible consequences.
    In addition, I am constantly looking for new experience and open up to new opportunities. This characteristic bright up my life and take me to new level of life (Ericsson and Charness, 1994). For example, I always look for opportunities to travel around the globe, to visit new sites and immerse myself in new culture and experience. Thanks to my curiosity of the world, my styles of exploring give me opportunities to learn about the world not just from books and news. In addition, I was able to embrace new culture and experience in action, which are invaluable learning materials Nonetheless, the characteristic could induce disadvantages if pushed too hard. For instance, as much as I enjoys the new ideas and new experience, when participating in academic study that allows high degree of research aspects, I could easily be distracted whenever a new idea pops in mind, or when new research paper draw my attention away simply because the article itself is interesting. Therefore, being an activist with high enthusiasm for new experience need to impose control on the exploring part during special situation. Otherwise, it would endanger a project by poor time management or running far away from the topic.
    As a proactive person, I enjoy public speaking and being at the center of the attention. In the meantime, I also thrive when tackling problems and facing challenges. For example, it is common for me to choose the harder task when assigning group work and take responsibilities.. However, hogging the limelight has its downside, being overly proactive renders me to talk more than I listen, and this could hurt other people’s feelings. In addition, although it is essential to keep calm during crisis, it is important not to enjoy the drama and excitement, even when crisis situation befell, since focusing on solving the problem instead of enjoying the existence of a dramatic situation is much more important.
    To sum up, being an person with strong preference as an activist, my characteristics and learning style gift me with a flexible and open – minded character, I’m always happy to give it a try and embrace new experience and challenge; when challenge hit me, I keep an optimistic attitude and dive in immediately to solve the problems. In addition, I’m not afraid of changes and try my best to adapt to new situations quickly (Bandura, 1997). As charming as the strength sound, however, my active style renders weaknesses as well. Sometimes it burdens me to take too much task because I have the tendency to do everything my self. Also I enjoy being in the middle of the spotlight too much, it was common for me to take unnecessary just to grab the spotlight on myself. In addition, some decision could be made recklessly because I went in to action without enough preparation.
    assignment代写:Becoming a successful learner
    The Honey & Mumford learning styles questionnaire results that the second highest number of statements in the questionnaire is 12. The result shows I have a moderate preference of acting as a pragmatist. As an objective oriented learner, whenever me or my group assigned a task, I immediately participate get to the stage where I look for the point of the task. During group meetings, my teammates usually describe me as a person who speak directly, simply and straight to the point.
    In addition, for me, practices speak louder than works, and that is why I usually put forward practical realistic ideas during meetings. Based on my experience, it is better to practice in this way. However, this kind of approach could appear to be self centered in some situation. For example, if someone brings up unrelated or speculated opinions, I could directly cut them off for their opinion,. As a result, I appear to be insensitive, since there could be a chance an idea seems to be irrelevant at the time yet has it valued to be explored later on (DiBenedetto, 2011).
    To sum up, being a person with moderate preference to act as a pragmatist, I find being a objective oriented learner has its benefits and limitations. Being straightforward and efficient learner help me experiment with new ideas more effectively. For instance, I always look for the most practical method to approach problems; during the process. I execute the down – to – earth attitude, and other people usually perceive me as a problem solver with technique oriented attitude. However, the limitations could offset the benefits if this kind of approach is not properly controlled. For example, the tendency to reject project or learning opportunities without obvious application render me to miss out good opportunities to grow and learn,. And I spent less time in practice rather than thoroughly study theory and basic principles. In addition, this characteristic shape me as an more task oriented person instead of a people oriented one. As a result, it would hurt my team work when it come to cooperation with other people (Cassidy and Eachus, 2010).