Exhibition Review Art assignment 代写

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  • Exhibition Review Art assignment 代写

    1. 1000 word Exhibition Review
    Students are to visit a current exhibition in Sydney and write a short review. Students are free to choose a gallery and exhibition (your tutors will have some suggestions), but they should consult with their tutor.
    In order to get a better understanding of what is expected from a review (style of writing, tone, argumentation etc), students will need to research and find existing exhibition reviews. These should be from professional and credible sources (Facebook rants don’t qualify). Exercise your best judgment and check with your tutor if unsure. These can be used as models for writing, but they are not to be copied or plagiarized. Students are to bring their ‘model review’ to Week 2 tutorials and discuss in groups and with their tutor how they might approach the subject, and what is expected.

    Exhibition review: Do NOT’s
    Be wary of hyperbole: do not gush or make outlandish statements – think about it, is the artist really ‘iconic’ or ‘genius’?
    Do not plagiarise or emulate the style of the press release or catalogue essay. The function of the press release is to sell the show – this is not what you are doing.
    Do not attempt to discuss every work in detail. Pick 3 – 4 (or a series) that strike you as important.
    Things to consider
    Is this gallery known for curating certain kinds of art? Is it a commercial gallery, a public institution, an artist-run space? 
    How is the exhibition curated? Is there a strong theme or methodology? How has the space been utilised?
    Analyse the art aesthetically AND conceptually. Do you like the art? Give evidence to support your judgement.
    Suggested art exhibitions:
    Tatsuo Miyajima (MCA) – until March 5
    Barbara Cleveland: Bodies in Time (AGNSW) – until April 2  
    Anthropocene: presented by Antidote (Airspace) – March 3 – 18
    Glenn Sloggett: Down in the Dumps (Stills Gallery) – March 8 – April 8
     Group Exhibition | Darklands (Alaska Projects) – March 3 – 18
    Atong Atem: Us (Customs House) – until April 30 
    Tutorial Presentations
    Critical bibliography – an example: 

    Chomsky, Noam, Ilan Pappe and Frank Barat, On Palestine, Chicago IL: Haymarket Books, 2015 – a conversation revolving around the Palestine question, Israel’s policies and actions, Zionism, settler-colonialism, apartheid comparisons with South Africa. Pappe and Chomsky argue the two-state solution (or “peace orthodoxy”) is more about appeasing Israel and maintaining the status quo. This book presents a brief overview of past and present problems as well as mapping out the terrain for future resistance. 

    Exhibition Review Art assignment 代写

    “...how can art institute the contemporary it envisions and live as if it were possible?” – Former West
    Let’s talk contemporary…
    Contemporary art as:
    A historical moment
    A genre

    “a genre of genreless art” – Suhail Malik
    “bewildering diverse practices… no singular models or paradigm will sufficiently help us wade through the murky, restless waters of today’s contemporary art” – Chika Okeke-Agulu  
    “the hunger to be part of the global art calendar has more to do with the hope of keeping up with the frenzy of time than with any actual aesthetic pursuit or interest” – Cuauhtemoc Medina  

    But is contemporary art too indeterminate?
    In small groups…
    THREE characteristics of contemporary art
    What kind of themes and practices do you see recurring? What does this say about our contemporary world? (the nature of democracy, labour, technology, social relations, etc)
    Try to think of a few artistic practices to support your observations.
    1. Tactical Media
    2. Relationality/ Socially-engaged art
    3. (The return of) institutional critique/ the politics of the art world

    Exhibition Review Art assignment 代写