ECON 7540 代写 Peer Production Case Study

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  • ECON 7540 代写 Peer Production Case Study
    ECON 7540
    Lecture Topic 8
    Case Studies:
     Peer Production
     IBM
    Peer Production Case Study
    This Case Study Illustrates:
     The network form of organisation in innovation
     Peer production
     Information economics perspective on intellectual
     Networks and complexity/self-organisation
     Declining barriers to entry in the KBE era
     Entrepreneurship in the KBE era
     Social entrepreneurship
    Peer production
     A new way of producing goods and services that
    harnesses the power of mass collaboration
     Examples-open source software, Wikipedia, Apple
    IBM Case Study
    This Case Study Illustrates:
     The network form of organisation in innovation in two contexts:
    - IBM and the Open Source Experiment in the late 1990’s
    - IBM and intrapreneurship in the early 1980’s
     Radical innovation and creative destruction
    Lecture Topic 9
    Public Policy Issues
    Implications of Complexity for Innovation and Innovation Public Policy
     Firstly, recognise innovation is the key driver of the capitalist system
     Secondly, emphasise long run dynamic efficiency
    - long term strategic direction for a firm, industry, or an economy
    - invest in the building blocks today, for tomorrow’s evolutionary development
     Thirdly, improve linkages between system components
     Fourthly, support and encourage experimental behaviour
     Fifthly, encourage an abundance of microdiversity and variety

    Lecture Topics 1 and 2
    The Economics of Information and
    Entrepreneurship in the Knowledgebased
    · The New On-Line Knowledge-Based
    Economy (KBE) Context
    · Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship
    · Entrepreneurs in the On-Line Economy
    · Economics of Information
    The New Knowledge-Based Economy
    · the new economy
    - a communications revolution in
    progress based mainly on
    business use of the Internet
    · three powerful forces
    - Moore’s Law
    - Gilder’s Law
    - Metcalfe’s Law
    · informational structure of markets,
    industries, economies changing
    Key Features of the New On-Line
    · knowledge – intensive
    · convergence
    · rise of networks and network-like
    organisational structures in industry
    · productivity increases in a low
    inflation environment
    · services sector innovation
    · digital divide/rising inequality in the
    new economy
    · changing nature of globalisation and
    labour markets
    ECON 7540 代写 Peer Production Case Study