colour application 悉尼大学 daae2005 代写

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  • colour application  悉尼大学 daae2005 代写

    Assignment 2
    Assignment 2 -  (60%)
    Critical analysis of colour application
    This assignment develops your ability to research, critically analyse & discuss
    information relevant to colour theory & application.
    •  Select one  artwor k from the following
    website that demonstrates a
    colour combination technique. Copy and paste your image at the beginning of your
    assignment. Ensure you include the appropriate citation and reference for your
    •  Identify any weaknesses and strengths with the applied colour combination
    technique. Examine whether it is appropriate to propose an alternative approach.
    Why or why not?
    •  Briefly discuss any cultural or symbolic associations relevant to the colour
    combination technique that has been applied to your chosen example.
    NOTE: The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the
    information/ readings for this course. Choose your example wisely.
    •  Submit as a fully referenced (APA format) critical analysis of 1000 words
    •  Use double line spacings
    •  Word limit does not include references.
    •  Turnitin has a 40 MB upload limit.
    •  See link below for assignment two marking criteria
    •  Marking_Criteria_A2(1).pdf
    •  Assignment 2 Due
    Friday 30 May

    colour application  悉尼大学 daae2005 代写