CHN331 代写 Zhe school Wan school or Qi Baishi Wu Changshu

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  • CHN331 代写 Zhe school Wan school or Qi Baishi  Wu Changshuo.

     Rules and requirement of CHN331 final essay 2017 Semester 1
    1. All hard copies MUST BE handed over to the teachers in class (tutorial or lecture), DO NOT submit to anywhere else.
    2. You must submit both versions in turnitin and hardcopy.
    3. Submit turnitin first so as to get a turnitin number via email from the faculty.
    4. Any hardcopy without turnitin number, word count, signature and correct submission date WILL NOT be marked.
    5. In order to sign your hardcopy, you MUST get a cover page from Art Faculty Centre (W6A building ground floor) or download online.
    6. Word limit: Minimum 2000 up to 2500 maximum.
    7. DO NOT copy the full topic of the final essay as your topic title, you MUST put down a short version provided following the topic page.
     8. All pictures uploaded MUST have a caption underneath.
     CHN331 代写 Zhe school Wan school or Qi Baishi  Wu Changshuo.

    Topics of CHN331 Final Essay
    Please pick ONE of the 3 topics below to finish your essay.
    1.     Please pick upanyTWO seal artists from the below 3 schools and provide a full report of their life and seal art achievement:
    Zhe school, Wan school or Qi Baishi / Wu Changshuo.
    Please attach at least 3 sealsas samples by each artist and analyse their artistic feature. (Short topic: No.1 Seal artists)
    2.     Please use a table to compare the difference between Chinese and Western paintings in general. Main features including subject matter, philosophy, colour, media, techniques, artist background, creativity attitude or any other relevant aspect. You must attach at least 4illustrations from both sides with clear captions under each.
    (Short topic: No. 2 Western & Chinese paintings)
    3.     If you were a Tea House owner, where possibly you will build it? How would you decorate and design the interior? What and how you would serve your guest and customer? Is there any way you can provide some cultural activities such as opera, musical performance, calligraphy & painting live demonstration, with Tea Ceremony?
    Please attach some photos to support your plan in each paragraph.
    Can you relate the 4 Tea Principles (Harmony, respect, purity, tranquillity) with your own virtue belief in order to promote Tea Art to the general public and younger generation?
    (Short topic: No.3 My Tea House)
    (Visit www. in order to get more information or new ideas from this special tea shop in Chinatown, Sydney)

    CHN331 代写 Zhe school Wan school or Qi Baishi  Wu Changshuo.