QCD210 Professional Communication 2 assignment 代写

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  • QCD210 Professional Communication 2 assignment 代写

    Prepare an academic case study essay which adheres to the guidelines for this assessment task.
    Wright Brothers is an aeronautical engineering company based in SouthAustralia. For the past ten years,the company’s main source of income has been derived from working on a government contract researching new and innovative aircraft designs to be used in Australia’s Air Force. However, the company recently received notice that this contract willnot be renewed. As a result, the company needs to make major cutbacks to its workforce. Currently, the organisation is comprised of four separate work teams. Management has decided that at least one of these work teams would be cut and as such, has advised each team to prepare a presentation explaining why their team should not be cutand why their team is essential to the company’s future success.In this presentation, each team needs to persuade management of their collective value to the company which would then ensure all team members’continued employment.However, as the due date for the presentation draws closer, it has become apparent that the avionics team is at risk of not completing the task to a satisfactory standard.
    The avionics teamis the newest team at Wright Brothers. Johnis the only team member who has been with the company since it commenced operations some 25 years ago. All other team members havejoined Wright Brothers relatively recently and as a result, know very little about each other. Akira is originally from Japan and the youngest team member. He has just completed his PhD and is excited to finally put the theory he has learnt into practice. Paulhas been in aeronautical engineering for 10 years but found his old job boring. He wanted new challenges and had heard that Wright Brothers isa forward thinking, innovative company that could offer him many exciting opportunities. Although there are only a few females at Wright Brothers, the avionics team has two female members. Helen hasbeen previously employed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Boston. MIT is considered the top university in the world for aeronautical engineering research. Helenis well respected in the industry and has come highly recommended to Wright Brothers Management.She believes she has much to offer in terms of contributing to the success of the avionics team. Alice is the other female member of the avionics team. Like Helen she comes highly recommended from her previous job at Garmin. Her particular field of expertise is navigation systems.

    QCD210 Professional Communication 2 assignment 代写
    While putting together theirpresentation, the team encounters several issuescausing them to lose valuable time. From the very start, John and Paulare constantly arguing over the direction of the presentation. Johninsiststhat as he has been working at Wright Brothers the longest, he has the most knowledge about engineering and as such, the group should do what he tells them. The two younger members of the team, Akiraand Helen, thinkJohn’s ideas areoutdated and that the team needs to be more innovative. However, as John never seeks their opinions, they are unsure how to instigate this change of direction. Theyare concerned that this could be a reason used by management to cut the team. In addition, PaulquestionsAlice’s experience and ability to make a contribution to the group. He continually questions her knowledge of navigation systems in front of the other members of the team,Unfortunately, Alicedoes not speak up for herself nordoesshe tell the group that she is the recipient of several prestigious industry awards. Helencansee the difficulties the team is experiencing but does not know how to handle the situation. Sheultimately decidesnot to do anything and just hopes that things work out.
    On the day of the presentation, the team meets to go over any last minute details. During this meeting, Helen realises that they do not really know anything about the company’s management group. John is quick to tell her that this information would not help them and that they should just focus on using as much jargon as possible so that the work the team does sounds important. When the team enters the room,Paulis pleasedto see that some of the managers are females. Paulsees this as advantageous for their team as he believes women’s knowledge of the role of avionicsin aerodynamics islimited and therefore,John’s idea of making the presentation technical and difficult to understand would work. However, mid-way through his part of the presentation he isshocked when one of the managersquestionshis mathematical calculations. At this point, Akira takes over and starts to refer to his PhD research. Alice knows this is irrelevant but does not want to interrupt him. Alice considers telling management about her expertise but is not given the opportunity as one of the managers stops the presentation and tells the team that they have missed the point. John looks very confused and angrily storms out of the room.
     QCD210 Professional Communication 2 assignment 代写