Case Study Ikea Global Expansion BM 代写

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  • Case Study Ikea Global Expansion BM 代写

    Semester 2 Assessment E – Case Study (10%)              Due Date: See Assessment Calendar
    Task Description for Case Study Journals
    Students are required to write two journals which analyze case studies from the following list and which relate to the matching topics.

    Theory Topic Case Study
    Corporate Social Responsibility Ikea
    What Is The Purpose of Writing Journal Entries?
    The purpose of writing case study journal entries is to strengthen the link between business theory and real world business practice through thoughtful analysis and application.
    How does theory link to actions taken in a real world business environment and which leads to organisational effectiveness?
    How Do I Get Started?
    A case study journal entry starts with reading. As you read, underline or highlight the parts that stand out to you as interesting, important or relevant to the theories you have studied in Business Management. 
    How Do I Write a Journal Entry?
    A case study journal entry consists of at least one direct quotation of the part you underlined in the case study, copied word for word and enclosed in quotation marks. Be sure to reference the author(s), the year of publication and page number in parentheses after the quotation. You should follow with an explanation of why you found the passage to be relevant and supportive of your analysis.
    You should write about how the case study relates to a theory or several theories you have learnt in a particular topic in Business Management. Make sure you write thoughtfully and analytically when you address the key contents listed on the checklist for each case study journal.
    Language and Format
    -         Write in the third person
    -         Present tense when writing in the third person voice.
    -         Use appropriate paragraph structure.
    -         Use Harvard referencing style – see Reference Guide in BM Course Resources
    -         Word Limit: 750 words (plus/minus 10%)


    Structure of a Case Study Journal

    Justify how the relevant business theory is evident in a real world business example. Discuss how the application of the theory in the case study leads to organisational performance?
    Title of case study


    -      Introduce the case study and the relevant business theory that will be discussed.
    -      Address the relevant key contents listed on the checklist
    -      Support analysis and discussion by referring to specific examples from the case study
    -      Include a relevant passage from the case study with formal referencing of the case study
    -      Link topics and ideas so that there is flow and cohesion


    -      Summarise the main points. Evaluate the organisation’s performance through the application of the theory discussed.

    Word count:

    Reference list
    (on a separate page)
     Case Study Ikea Global Expansion BM 代写
    Format of a Case Study Journal
    Header:  insert a header (student name, theory topic, class name)
    Title: place title in centre at top of page; bold title
    Footer: insert a footer with the page number in the bottom centre of the page
    Word count: insert the word count at the end of the text
    Font face: Arial/Calibri/Courier/Times New Roman
    Size: 11 or 12
    Line spacing: 1.5 or 2.0 (double spacing)
    Paragraphs: indent new paragraphs (or space between them); left align
    Paper: A4
    Do not use subheadings in your text.
    Do not use bold or italics in your text (bold title is fine)
    Do not use first person pronouns such as I, we, or my (write in the third person)


    Format of Referencing

    Use Harvard style referencing
    In-text referencing: Author(s), year of publication & page number in parentheses.
    For example: (Govindarajan & Lang 2002, pg.1)
    End of text referencing:
    Use title and bold: Reference list (align left)
    (1) List references in alphabetical order (no numbering)
    (2) Single space each reference
    (3) Space between each reference
    (4) On a separate page
    ALL case studies for Semesters 1 & 2 are located electronically on myFY for referencing purposes.
    Although case studies are included in your BM workbook, only use the electronic copy found on myFY as your source for referencing.
    Treat the case study as an Internet-Electronic source. See page 6 of the Reference Guide.

    ‘IKEA’ Case Study Journal – Self-Assessment Checklist
    Make sure you address the following key contents in your journal.


    Key contents


    Case study Reference
    Tick if completed
    1.        Discuss the following:
    a)      The business culture
    b)      The business objectives and strategies
    c)      The management of Human Resources. Comment on the degree of Management performance according to their implementation of culture or strategy.
    1.4 P 8
    P 7
    P 9
    2.        Discuss how IKEA has:
    a)      met the market needs
    b)      developed promotion of their products
    c)      gained financial success
    d)      utilized staff skills
    2.2 P 9
    P10,  p15
    P 17
    3.        Discuss how Kamprad or other Management have pursued their strategies. Refer to a success or failure as evidence of this. 2.6 P10 Success
    P11 Failure
    P14 Failure
    4.        Identify and comment on the social factors that affect IKEA including the followings:

         a. impact on business objective
         b. impact on management strategies

    Include at least one direct quotation with formal referencing of the case study to support this key content.

    5.        Discuss how socio-cultural issues such as the use of child labour affect IKEA’s business culture and operations.


    6.        Discuss how sustainability issues such as the use of materials from unsustainable forestry affect IKEA’s business culture and operations.
    The journal entry consist 750 words 10% above or below the word limit is acceptable.

    Formatting and Structure

    The journal entry consist an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

    Formatting and Structure

    A reference list is provided. Harvard referencing style is used.

    Formatting and Structure
     Case Study Ikea Global Expansion BM 代写