AVIA3710 Methods Aviation Research Proposal代写

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  • AVIA3710   Methods Aviation Research Proposal代写

    AVIA3710 Aviation Research Methods
    Semester 2, 2017
    Major Individual Assessment - Aviation Research Proposal
    Total Weighting - 50% of total course mark, in three sections (see Table below)
    Section/Task  Weighting  Due Date
    Individual research problem and
    research question
    10%  23:59hrs 18th August, 2017
    (Week 4)
    Research proposal  30%  23:59hrs 24rd September, 2017
    (Week 9)
    Seminar presentation  10%  In class on 20th October, 2017
    (Week 12) or 27th October, 2017
    (Week 13). Determined by ballot.
    Develop a written proposal to conduct an aviation-related research project that is of
    interest to you. You will then be required to make a short presentation to the class
    that summarises your research proposal.
    The Tasks Required
    This Assessment involves three (3) sections or tasks which are described below.
    1. Individual Research Problem and Research Question (10% total course mark)
    Submit a brief description of the research problem and specific research question that
    you have chosen to work on. This should be no longer than ONE PAGE (at least
    1.5 spaced, 12 point font). You need:
    – a Title,
    – a section providing a clear argument for the aviation problem that you want
    to address and,
    – end with a clear statement of the aim of the project and the research question
    you plan to address.
    This should be submitted by 23:59hrs 18th August, 2017 (Week 4) through Moodle.
    A hard copy must also be submitted either in class in Week 4 or to the Aviation
    office by 5pm.
    The Research Problem and Research Question will be assessed and marked and
    feedback will be provided in-class in Week 5.
    2. Research Proposal (30% of total course mark)
    This is the major component of this Assessment. It should be a formal Research
    Proposal set out under each of the headings described below. The proposal should
    be no longer than 3,000 words (around 10 pages, double spaced, 12 point font), not
    including References.
    Literature Review

    AVIA3710   Methods Aviation Research Proposal代写
    Search for and select journal articles that describe research studies or reviews
    relevant to your chosen research problem. The number of articles reviewed will
    depend on your research topic, but is likely to be at least three to five for most
    research problems. You will need to read each article, interpret it and develop an
    argument that justifies and explains why you are asking your particular research
    question. This section should end with a statement of your research aim and
    research question as well as your hypotheses or expectations about the outcomes of
    your study based on the literature review.
    Proposed Methods and analysis
    Describe the research methods you will undertake to answer your research question.
    This section should be arranged in the following sections:
    i) Study design
    Describe your study in a few sentences. ie the “big picture”. This should include
    the nature of your research design (eg., before-after, longitudinal, cross sectional
    etc), what type of data being collected (eg., primary, secondary data or both), a
    description of the variables you are measuring in the study and what type of
    measurement scale for each variable you are measuring.
    ii) Participants
    Describe your proposed participants including the number you will include, gender
    and age (eg., percentage male/female, age distribution) and any other relevant
    characteristics for your research question (eg., experience, etc). Describe how
    participants will be selected and recruited. Detail any ethical issues that might
    arise from your study and how you will overcome them (eg., informed consent,
    recruitment of volunteers etc.).
    iii) Equipment or Apparatus used
    Describe any equipment (eg simulator, real plane) and/or materials (eg
    questionnaires, structured interviews) you will use in the study to collect the data.
    iv) Procedure
    Describe the procedure you will use to conduct the study. This should include
    everything you will do, step-b-step, to run the study. Try to be as clear and
    complete as possible.
    v) Analysis
    Briefly describe how you will analyse the results of the study. This should include
    the comparisons you will make and how you will make them, including what
    statistical tests you will use (if relevant).
    Expected results and interpretation of findings
    This should be a short description of how you will interpret your findings depending
    on what your results show. For example, if your results support your expected
    findings, what will you conclude about your research question? What will you
    conclude if the results are not as you expect?
    List here all of the journal articles you used for your literature review, and any other
    literature you cite in the Proposal. You may use any Referencing style, as discussed
    in class, but your citations in the document and references must be in consistent
    style throughout your Proposal.
    Submission and assessment
    The Research Proposal should be submitted through Moodle by 23:59hrs 24rd
    September, 2017 (end Week 9). A hard copy must also be submitted either in class
    in Week 9 or to the Aviation office by 5pm (17:00hrs) on 22nd September, 2017.
    Assessment of Research Proposals will be complete and results available through
    Moodle by the end of Week 11 (13th October, 2017).
    3. Seminar Presentation (10% of total course mark)
    You will present a summary of your Research Proposal to the class in one of the last
    two weeks of the Semester. You will be given a maximum of 5 minutes total
    presentation time. This will include: 3 minutes maximum for presentation and
    maximum of 2 minutes for questions.
    Your presentation should include:
    – a Title slide including the title of your Research proposal and your name
    – up to three (3) additional slides showing details of your project sufficient for the
    audience to understand what you are intending to do and why and how you will
    interpret the results from your proposed study.
    Allocation to presentation times will be by ballot. A presentation timetable will be
    available on Moodle in Week 6.
    Submission and assessment
    Presentations will be assessed by the Course Coordinators. All members of the class
    will also provide feedback and an overall grade on a five point scale for each
    presentation. The average classmate mark will contribute 20 percent to the overall
    mark for the presentation.
    Assessment marks for the Seminar Presentation will be available by Moodle before
    the AVIA3710 final examination.
    Any Questions?
    We will go through all requirements for this Assessment in detail in class in Week 1.
    Please contact me in class or email if you have any further questions about this
    Prof Ann Williamson
    AVIA3710   Methods Aviation Research Proposal代写