MECM90036 Foundations of Communication assignment 代写

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  • ·     MECM90036 Foundations of Communication assignment 代写

        Final Assessment - Marketing & Communications Folio
    4000 words, worth 40%, due Monday the 30th of October (11.59pm) via turnitin.
    For your final assignment you will be required to select a brand/product/service and develop a folio comprised of two sections:
    Part A) – 2000 words (worth 40% of the assignment): Analysis of their current marketing communications and the critical issues surrounding the product/brand/service
    Part B) – 2000 words (worth 40% of the assignment): Development of an integrated marketing communications strategy to address any problems and opportunities identified in your Part A.
    10% of the total mark for this assignment is weighted to presentation skills.
    Part A) Analysis and Issue Overview

    MECM90036 Foundations of Communication assignment 代写
    This section requires that you critically analyse the communication strategy of your product/brand/service across relevant platforms, to identify the main issues and reflect on the effectiveness of the communications strategy. You should analyse the brand's communications by engaging with key theoretical and conceptual approaches introduced during the semester. You may wish to consider, for example, the role of:
    ·         Media Power and the new dynamics of media influence in post-broadcast media spaces (how does the brand harness digital media technologies to influence and communicate with consumers? What are the political and economic forces underpinning the brand and their communication?)
    ·         Ideology and cultural production of social knowledge and social values (how does the brand contribute to ideas about who they are, and how does this intersect with the values of consumers and ideas about ways of living in contemporary culture?)
    ·         Audience engagement: Produsers and fandom in convergent media practices (how does the brand use consumers in their communications? How do they communicate their message across multiple platforms?)
    ·         Uses of Identity and constructions of the authentic self in post-feminist cultures (does the brand speak to issues of representation and the role of media in shaping identities and cultural ideologies? Is the brand sensitive to contemporary debates concerning the representation of diversity and cultural differences?)
    ·         Uses of celebrity and their brand value within the campaign (does the brand harness particular celebrities? What does the celebrity communicate and are they a good fit with the brand values?)
    ·         Communications delivery and management of brand across convergent media spaces (does the brand communicate effectively in new media spaces and maximize convergent media practices?)
    ·         Globalisation, glocalisation, and the production of cultural narratives in global media markets (how does the brand communicate across different markets and global media environments? What shifts in influence do global flows of media facilitate and/or make problematic?)
    ·         Ownership, privacy, and piracy in converging media practices and spaces (is the brand sensitive to emerging issues surrounding consumer privacy and data vulnerability? Are their communications and brand more vulnerable to piracy in the digital world of easily reproducible content?)
    Part A) requires substantial independent research to develop your analysis through appropriate theoretical frameworks and ideas (rather than the foundational ones introduced in class), as well as strong analytic skills that go beyond simply describing how the brand communicates to consider the issues with how they communicate.

    Issues Analysis & Strategy ASSESSMENT information
    Attached Files:
    ·          Issues and Analysis GROUP ASSIGNMENT outline.pdf (189.534 KB)
    ·          Issues and Analysis GROUP ASSIGNMENT REPORT marking sheet.pdf (345.21 KB)
    ·          Issues and Analysis GROUP ASSIGNMENT REPORT OUTLINE weekly format.pdf (187.458 KB)
    ·          Issues and Analysis GROUP ASSIGNMENT REPORT structure.pdf (253.937 KB)
    The files necessary for completing the Issues Analysis & Strategy Group Assessment
    Issues Analysis & Strategy GROUP PRESENTATION marking sheet
    Issues Analysis & Strategy GROUP DETAILS sheet
     MECM90036 Foundations of Communication assignment 代写