BUSS 1053 Assessment Hoppers Bar and Eatery

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  •  BUSS 1053 Assessment Hoppers Bar and Eatery
    BUSS 1053 Assessment Two Written Report Case
    Hoppers Bar and Eatery

    (**Please ensure that you look at particular assignment requirements in the course outline to address each issue in your report).

    Your boss, Mr Mark Spark, Manager Human Resources, has asked you to prepare a written report based on the following information for this worksite.
    He has specifically requested that your report address the following**:
    ·         Identify and describe the hazards in the workplace which could impact on the health and safety of workers?
    ·         Are there any other issues or concerns which may have a negative impact on the management of health and safety in this workplace?
    ·         How can the organisation ensure that the most serious of hazards are recorded and monitored?
    ·         Identify relevant legal requirements for health and safety in this organisation
    ·         Provide recommendations on how to minimise the risk of injury from the hazards or other concerns that have been identified
    What you find at this workplace.
    Your investigations into the hazards and management systems reveal the following:
    The main business is food service and drinks service.  Venue One “Hoppers Bar and Eatery” is the subject of this report. It is a busy bar and food service venue.  There are 15 full time staff and around 35 casual staff, more staff are brought on as casuals during the busy summery Christmas period.
    The policy requires all staff to be inducted and provided with training when they begin.  Although there have been plans to provide refresher training it has not occurred yet.  The worksite consists of a kitchen, main bar, cocktail bar, restaurant and an office administration area.  There are adequate toilets facilities both for staff and patrons (separate). At team meetings any concerns by staff or management are raised. Team meetings occur on Mondays but generally only full time staff are able to attend.  There is a first aid book where staff are required to write down if they have an injury or if an incident occurs, no matter how minor. It is kept in what the manager describes to you as a “central location”, the main bar.
    Overall the worksite is clean and housekeeping is good. There are notices around the workplace reminding staff about the robbery procedure and to bend their knees when they lift. At the times during your visit staff in the kitchen were wearing suitable footwear and aprons.  Safety glasses were found hanging on the back of the door but appeared to be old and dusty.
    On the 31st of August 2016 you visit Hoppers Bar and Eatery and meet with the Manager, Fred Murphy and informally interview both kitchen, office and wait and bar staff.  You also review records and other paperwork.
    A visual inspection by you (see photographs below) provides visual evidence and a further explanation is provided below.
    Review of records reveal
    First aid booklet
    The first aid reporting booklet looks quite new it records a glass cut which occurred in 2015 and a knife cut in 2016 “cutting lemons”. The book remains in the bar area.  You ask if there is any more paperwork recording incidents or injuries but are told “only the workers compensation claims”.
    Training records
    Training records reveal that all staff sign their induction training record when they commenced employment. Some have been at this worksite for 10 or more years. Specific Work Health and Safety Training is limited to armed robbery procedure, manual handling, personal protective equipment in the kitchen and dealing with broken glass.  You have not been able to find records for the Christmas casual staff.
    Here are photographs of areas of concern.
    Entrance between manager’s office and payroll staff office
    The manager and payroll staff use this space everyday.  The manager says they are very careful when stepping into his office.

    Bar staff cutting lemons for drink
    Bar staff cutting lemons for drinks
    Some drinks require a lemon slice as a garnish.  This might require cutting 2 or 3 lemons per shift using a sharp knife. The garnish is prepared when the drink is requested, staff are often rushed and do not always use a chopping board, rather they hold the lemon in their hand.  Chopping boards are stored in the kitchen.  6 bar staff report to you that they have been cut this way in the last 6 months, one had to have 6 stiches.

    BUSS 1053 Assessment Hoppers Bar and Eatery

    Kitchen Hand Cleaning the grease trap (drops powdered grease dissolver –in sachet (caustic soda) into bucket)
    25 litre bucket of caustic soda powder.
     Kitchen Hand Cleaning the grease trap (sachet of grease dissolver going into bucket)
    The grease trap (drain) is old and requires cleaning at least once every few weeks. As the photograph shows the method used is one the chef learnt in his apprentice days.  Using a 25 litre container of Caustic soda powder the kitchen hand takes this off the shelf and puts a scoop of the chemical into a dissolvable bag. The chemical dissolves in a bucket of water, which is stirred rapidly and immediately poured down the drain.
    Note that photographs can be “reused” in your report- sources have been acknowledged. Please note that the source of the photographs will NOT help with the assignment.  They are randomly chosen.  If you feel information is lacking you can state assumptions or add detail. There are hazards/issues/concerns about this worksite that are not evident in these photographs so ensure you read the explanation of the worksite as well.
     BUSS 1053 Assessment Hoppers Bar and Eatery