HC3152 e-Business Applications代写

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  • HC3152 e-Business Applications
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    Item Due date Weighting Length
    Class Test
    Test will focus on topics covered in weeks 1 - 5 and will contain short answer
    Wk 6 20% I hour
    Individual Assignment – Report
    Report to be handed in before class or during class of week 11.
    Each student is required to select a company that is currently involved in Ebusiness.
    The company chosen needs to be approved by your lecturer. Each
    student will prepare a report evaluating the e-business. The business will be
    evaluated on the following parameters
    Description of the company’s operation
    The ease of use of the ecommerce site,
    E- business applications currently used
    E-commerce marketing strategies
    E- commerce Supply chain strategy
    E- commerce Security strategies
    IT architecture
    The assignment will list the correct referencing of each of article used in the course of
    the assignment. You should review and refine your report and the communication of
    ideas, prior to the submission of the report.
    Your report must lead to recommendations on how this business can become more
    effective through the use of internet technologies.
    The assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate that you have understood the
    concepts covered in the course, can apply them to a business situation and that you can
    HC3152 e-Business Applications代写