300MKT Advanced Marketing Stud

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  • 300MKT coursework 15th April Coventry University   Faculty of Business Environment and Society   300MKT Advanced Marketing Study   CW1: Project Proposal and Preliminary Ethics Form   Overview:   The Project Proposal should outline the scope, purpose, proposed methods and time plan of your project. It should include an overview of the theoretical literature that you intend to draw on for your study, key models or theories that you will use and probably some background to the product, industry or consumer group that you intend focusing on. This is your first opportunity to get detailed feedback and direction from your supervisor to develop and refine your project idea. The more you put into it the more you will get back.   The preliminary ethics form must also be submitted, it will give your supervisor an indication of your methodology plans and an early warning flag should you be planning to do anything that is unlikely to be approved by the ethics committee.   Project Proposal - 1000 words:   This word limit is a guideline but you should try to be concise yet specific in your plans.   Submission: Week 04, Fri 15 Apr 2022, 23:59SGT via PSB BB Turnitin   Credits/Weighting:   There are no credits attached to the project proposal it is Pass / Fail / Conditional. You must pass in order to be permitted to continue with the module, if you fail you will need to consult with your supervisor and take immediate action to revise your proposal to a pass standard. The key reason for failure is non-engagement with academic literature.   The Brief:   Your project proposal should contain the following sections: • Proposed Project Title • Background/Introduction • Research Questions/Objectives • Methodology (Research Design/ Data Collection) • Academically-substantiated Sample Survey Questionnaire • Timescales • Resources • References (at least 5 key academic journal references correctly referenced in CU Harvard style)   A more detailed overview of the structure and content is attached (Appendix 1).   A template for the Preliminary Ethics Form is attached (Appendix 2). You are required to complete all sections to the best of your knowledge at this stage.   Learning Outcomes Assessed:   The project proposal will assess the following learning outcomes:   1. Take responsibility for the identification, planning, research and writing of a major written project. 2. Apply appropriate research methods in the investigation of a business issue.   Marking Scheme:   This coursework is not like typical coursework in that there are not credits attached. The assessment will be more formative in nature, in other words your supervisor will be looking at your ideas and questioning them, encouraging you to engage with other sources of literature, think about improving the clarity of your research questions, clarify and give you ideas for how to design your methodology and data collection methods.   Unlike other CW you should expect (and desire) lots of feedback and constructive criticism on your project proposal, you will get more benefit from more feedback in the long run as you will be able to develop a higher quality project. The more work that you put into your proposal the more feedback you should receive.   In terms of what your supervisor will be looking for in your proposal, here are some key areas of importance:   • Clear Structure (follow the template) • Evidence of engagement with relevant academic literature (academic journal articles, not just books, internet sources and Mintel/Keynote) • Analysis and synthesis – Evidence that you have critically analysed the various sources that you have read and started to construct your own argument appropriate to your own research objectives (i.e. not just a list of brief summaries of different articles blend them into your own storyline) • SMART research objectives (usually 3-6) • Academic writing standards – written in the 3rd person, correct grammar and spelling, good flow, attention to detail • Accurate referencing – in CU APA / Harvard style (see guide on the module web)   Submission: Week 04, Fri 15 Apr 2022, 23:59SGT via PSB BB Turnitin   Please note:   1. Please note that work submitted late (where an extension/deferral has not been granted) will automatically attract a result of 0%.  This will count as a failed attempt, and may result in you failing the module overall.  You may be eligible to resit the failed assessment(s), subject to the University’s regulations on reassessment.  The maximum module mark that can be awarded for resit work is 40%. 2. Extensions will be in accordance with University and Faculty policy.     Students MUST keep copies (electronic file if done on computer) of their assignment. Please also submit an electronic copy of your assignment via the module web using the Turnitin icon. (See instructions on module web)   The electronic version of your assignment may be used to enable checks to be made using anti-plagiarism software and approved plagiarism checking websites.   Any penalties for not complying with word limits will be in accordance with University and Faculty policy.   Return of Marked Work:   Marked work will be returned via your supervisors in tutorials. You can expect to have marked work returned to you by 2 teaching weeks after the submission date.   Plagiarism Warning:   Assignments should not be copied in part or in whole from any other source, except for any marked up quotations, that clearly distinguish what has been quoted from your own work. All references used must be given, and the specific page number used should also be given for any direct quotations, which should be in inverted commas. Students found copying from the internet or other sources will get zero marks and may be excluded from the university.   Note:   Please make sure that your ID number and the module number appear on the actual coursework assignment as well as on the cover sheet that you attach to it. (don’t put your name for individual assignments as marking is anonymous)   For large modules with multiple seminars your Seminar Group or Tutor’s name must be clearly shown, to ensure that your assignment goes to the correct person for marking. (Put the class day and time if you cannot remember tutor’s name)   Appendix 1   300MKT Advanced Marketing Study   Project Proposal (1000 words)     Name:   Course:   Email: Mobile No.   Proposed Title:   (Initial idea – will probably change as your research progresses)   Background:   • Why is your project worth doing? • Demonstrate that you have knowledge of the relevant supporting theory • Show links to previous work • 5-10 key academic journal articles   Research Questions and Objectives: • What are you trying to achieve? • Observable outcomes from your research? • SMART objectives • No more than six!   Method:   Research Design: • Where? Which organisation(s), Industry sector, population of interest? • Why them? • Method – e.g. questionnaire, interviews, focus groups, secondary data – or a combination? • Sample survey questionnaire from academic journal source(s)   Data Collection: • More detail about how you will gather the data, sample size, no of interviews, how the questionnaire will be distributed, how the data will be analysed etc… • Ethical considerations – e.g. confidentiality, sensitive issues, surveying children etc…?   Timescale: • Divide your research into stages • Everything tends to take longer than expected – allow for that! • Gantt Chart   Resources:   • Financial, data access, equipment and time constraints   References:   • 5 – 10 key references relevant to your topic (in CU APA / Harvard Style) Appendix 2   300MKT Advanced Marketing Study   Preliminary Ethics Form   Student Name: ___________________ Supervisor Name: ______________________   Research Objectives:   1.   2.   3.   4.     Method of data collection (e.g.  questionnaire/survey, focus group, interviews, desk research)   Respondents/Participants: (how many? description, age, role etc..?)   Method of approach (i.e. how/where are you going to access your respondents?)   Whereabouts will the primary research take place? If outside of Coventry University how will you obtain permission from the relevant party?   Are you going to be asking any questions that could be deemed sensitive or controversial? If so give details.   Are you planning to record or video the respondents?       Project Supervisor Comments   1. Are there any aspects of this students planned research that you have ethical concerns about? If so, please explain.   2. From your knowledge of this student’s project are there any ethical risks that they have failed to disclose on this form?   3. Do you have any further information to support this student’s ethical application?       Signed: __________________________________ Date  _______________________