Bachelor of Accounting case study 代写

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  • Assessment Instructions:
    Word Length: 2,000- 3000 words minimum (excluding footnotes/endnotes/references,
    legislation, and coversheet)
    Assignment Type:  Individual
    Task Weight:  30%
    Date Due: Week  20 February 2022 by 11.59 pm
    Task Requirements:  Problem Based Case Study Assignment
    Use of Resources:
    You are required to use a range of legal resources including textbooks, Journal Articles,
    Online Legal Resources, as supporting evidence for the arguments, analysis and discussion
    of the Assignment questions.
    Submissions must be uploaded online on Moodle via the Turnitin Drop Box. Also, email a
    copy  of  your  Assessment  to  your  Lecturer  Dr.  Syed  Hassan,  Email: The completed assignment must be submitted on due date.
    Feedback on Assignment:
    Feedback and marks will be provided within two weeks of submission.
    Important Notes:
    1.  Assignment must be submitted with a Cover Sheet, which includes your Name,
    Student ID, Date, Unit Code, and Unit Name.
    2.  This is a Research assignment. Students should accordingly commence their research
    into the assignment topic. Students must use texts, scholarly articles and reputable
    online resources for their research, and these items, together with relevant cases and
    legislation, should be referred to in the assignment. Students are required to ‘go beyond’
    the Prescribed Textbook and to use additional Library resources to support your
    3.  The assignment must be of 2000-3,000 (minimum) words in length excluding
    LAW203 Taxation Law  Assignment  Page 3 of 4
    Problem Based Case Study Assignment
    4.  The assignment must be typed or printed only on A4 paper [or Word Document] with 1.5
    or double spacing and leaving a left-hand margin wide enough for examiners’ comments
    and corrections.
    5.  The assignment must include Harvard Referencing or footnotes / in text references, a
    bibliography / references and may include a synopsis.
    6.  Students are advised to appraise themselves of an understanding of plagiarism, and
    ensure they avoid committing it in their assignment.
    7.  Assignments will be marked out of a possible 30 Marks.
    8.  Assignments submitted after the due date will incur a penalty for late submission of one
    mark for each day the assignment is overdue unless an extension of time has been
    obtained from the subject lecturer or tutor prior to the due date. Any application for
    extension of time must be lodged on the appropriate form obtainable from the Faculty
    office and must be accompanied by any supporting evidence of the facts upon which the
    application is based.
    Assessment Question 1:
    (20 Marks)
    Q1: Discuss and identify the principles explained in given case laws in relation to income
    from business. Apply IREC method.
    a) FCT v Whitfords Beach
    b) FCT v Myer Emporium
    Q2: Discuss the importance of taxation systems and its impacts on the country.
    (10 Marks)