assignment代写 academic performance using Smartphone

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  • Nowadays, with the rapid development of communication technology, Smartphone has become one the most ubiquitous, sophisticated and dynamic trend in communication. And, Smartphone is no longer cutting-edge communication gadget, but is necessity in peoples’ lives. It is no doubt that Smartphone is occupying people`s lives. For most frequent Smartphone users, looking at the phone is the first thing they do at the beginning of the day and also the last thing they do at the ending (Lee et al.,2014). At the same time, the question that whether excessive use of Smartphone technology would undermine academic performance among students has attracted high attention among the public. The question is difficult to answer and an internet search for the phrase “excessive use of Smartphone technology” located no actual definitions. However, some researchers have proven that the using purposes of Smartphone among students have something to do with the academic performance. Accordingly, this paper would explain that improper excessive use of Smartphone would lead to lower academic performance among students. Some social contact and entertainment as well as information on the network would have a negative impact on the academic performance.

    In conclusion, academic performance depends on the aims of using Smartphone. Spending too much time on unessential social contact and indulging in the Smartphone games would distract students` attention and undermine the integrity of the time, resulting in negative impact on academic performance. On the other hand, using Smartphone to search useful information has some benefits and broadens their horizons. Therefore, students should take advantages of the Smartphone and avoid its disadvantages with critical thinking. It is well-advised that young students who have not been cultured the ability of critical thinking should not use Smartphone in case of addiction.

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