Vignette Rationale 代写

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  • Defying Expectations, Defining Identity
    House on Mango Street: Summative
    Over the past six weeks, we have explored how authentic self-expression allows us to challenge social expectations.  Through our reading and our writing, we have explored our names, were we come from, the places and people we love and fear, the stereotypes we face, the biases we hold, and the ways we see ourselves in the world.
    In order for our voices to shape the world, we must give our words an audience; the time has come to publish.
    This summative has three parts:

    • a vignette, exploring a moment that made you who you are, 500-800 words,
    • a photograph, taken by you, to accompany your vignette
    • a rationale, justifying your choices as an author, 200-300 words
    The Vignette:
    The House on Mango Street is a coming of age story. It traces Esperanza’s growth as she understands the world around her; ae readers, we see her mature, her childlike view of and expectations for the world become more adult and knowing.
    Your vignette for this summative will tell the story of a moment of change inside of you, when your view of the world shifted from child-like to adulthood.
    As you write, you have freedom to shape your vignette as you like, but you must use metaphor and/or simile, and you must, as Cisneros does, show your reader your change through powerful, impressionistic language.  If you would like to work from a model, you may use the progression and structure of “The Monkey Garden” as a guide.
    The vignette will be peer reviewed, and ultimately, your work will be published and shared with the community.
    The Photograph:
    You must take a photograph to publish with your vignette.  The photograph must be your own work, and, as we practiced last week, it must draw out the theme or compliment the understanding of the vignette. The photograph must be uploaded in high resolution.
    The Rationale:
    Write a rationale, in paragraph form, that answers the following questions, in any order:
    • How does the language you use in the vignette create and emotional response in your reader?
    • How does your writing convey the power of the change you experienced?
    • How does the photograph draw out the theme or impression of the vignette? How might it change or accentuate the way the reader understands the change you describe in your vignette?
    Timeline for the task:
    • Monday, November 1: First draft of the vignette submitted to Veracross. The draft must be complete and polished.
    • Thursday, Nov 4: Photo uploaded to veracross and Peer Review.
    • Friday, Nov 5: Rationale completed and uploaded to veracross, along with final, revised vignette.
    Criterion A:
    • Does your rationale justify your choices as an author? Does the rationale offer evidence from your vignette to justify your claims? Does the vignette reflect your understanding of coming of age?
    Criterion B:
    • Does your completed task (photograph, vignette and rationale) follow the guidelines laid out in this task sheets? Have you been organized in your approach to the task? Have you met all of the deadlines? Have you participated purposefully in each step of the peer review process?
    Criterion C:
    • Is your vignette imaginative and expressive? Does it use metaphor, simile and strong, descriptive language to show your reader the process and impact of the change you experienced? Is the vignette heartfelt; does it create emotion for your reader? Does the photograph illustrate or accentuate the themes or emotions of the vignette?
    Criterion D:
    • Does your writing use an appropriate register and style? Does your word choice allow the reader to see and feel the impact of the change you describe? Do you use a variety of sentence structures? Is your work polished and ready for publication?
    Where do we look for change:
    • A moment when you recognized beauty
    • A moment when you were afraid
    • A moment when you demanded to be heard
    • A moment when you wish you were heard
    • A moment when what you believe became clear to you
    • A moment when you questioned something you thought you believed
    • A moment when you could see how big the world is
    • A moment when you were filled with possibility
    • A moment when your world changed
    Vignette Rationale 代写